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Aug 15, 2010

Here and There...

There have been quite a lot of things happening these days and me being me cant really help but have an opinion on them

Jeevitha-Rajashekar-Chiru War :).
.. Sick and tired!!! It is agreed and accepted that Chiru is no God, he runs a commercial blood bank claiming service and this has been exposed by the couple.. great!! we need more such revelations but can we put an end to it and move on to other issues.. and why is it that the society conscious couple only narrow down on Chiru, looks like they have taken the charge of saving the society just from Chiru's clutches!!!!

Jagan and Sonia
No one listens to the other but they never fail to make headlines.. by the way a question to Jagan, what is left in AP to loot still that you crave so much for power so much so that even before the father's whereabouts were found immediately after his flight's disappearing, you started garnering support and supporters from all corners.. by the way, from the fresh memory of seeing leader yesterday on TV yet again, you remind me of Dhanunjay!!!

Sreeram Indian Idol 5

I personally feel title or no title he is the best among the younger lot but somehow am not really very happy at his becoming an idol. Looking at the past record of how all the idols have been washed without a trace and the first ever idol resorting to anchoring the show right now, I feel he would have been better off the contract and the title and working it out by himself with all the fame that he has gathered during the course of the show. However, since that was what he wanted the most to become, Indian Idol. I wish him all the very best and wish and really really hope, he will rewrite the history of the Indian Idol Winners by not just fading out and becoming the best and get whatever he deserves. Good luck kid.. proud of you.

Good when it comes once in a while, okay when it comes frequently... a bigggg no if it comes each and every single day.. it has been the third consecutive month so far with daily rains here.. God, can you take a little break for a week or so :).

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