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Aug 7, 2010

Intlo Eegala Mota

This is the rainy season... errr.. housefly season in the rural areas.. disgusting considering how dangerous and irritating they are... not one or two but a several of them swarming over every possible place...  I make it a point not to eat or drink anywhere near my lappy but still a few of them manage to reach it in spite of HIT, Mortein, local fly killing powder :(((.  Forget the lappy they are a major threat to LO's health with God knows where they have landed feet landing on each and every thing.  One of the downsides of living in a village!!! and the worst thing, believe me, is to clean up the fly shit, those tiny dots on each and every object and washing and rewashing all of LO's feeding bowls time and again... so I end up covering the laptop and almost everything even when I move a few minutes away from it like this :((..

Intlo eegala mota bayata pallakeela mota antaaru.. ante ento naaku teliyadu kaani.. ee eegala motaki maatram naa jeevitam horetti potundi... Endaakaalamlo maamidikaayalaki vacchay annaaru... vaanaa kaalam eegala kaalam antunnaru.. naaku inka ennaallo ee gola mari??


Anonymous said...

Hmmm..neeku eegala motha, naaku domala roda :(

Sree said...

emi cheppanu keerthi domala photo kooda teesanu... asalu goda meeda paint vesinattu pattestay inka kotala season start aite.. prastutam oodupulu kada kaasta break icchay :(

Sunita said...

uh oh.. :( jagartha ga undandi.. food water cover chese unchandi all the time!

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