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Aug 20, 2010

khwaaja mere khwaaja...

Movie: Jodha Akbar

Khwaaja mere khwaajaa, Dil mein samaaja
Shahon ka shah Tu... Ali kaa dulaara -2-
Beqaso ki taqdeer.. tune hai sawaari -2-
Tere darbaar mein khwaaja.. noor toh hai dekhaa

Tere darbaar mein khwaaja..Sar jhukaate hai auliya
Tu hai unalwali khwaaza.. Rutbaa hai pyaara
Chaahnese tujhko khwaaza ji mustafaa ko paaya -khwaaza-

Mere peer ka sadka -2-
Hai mere peer kaa sadka
teraa daaman hai... thaama.. Khwaajaji..
Tal har balaa hamaari.. chaaya hai khumaar teraa

Jitnaa bhi rashk kare beshak toh kam hai ae mere khwaaja
Tere kadmo ko mere rehnuma nahi chodna gawaara

Just like the regular ARR songs this is one song which did not sink in at the first listening or maybe the couple of times I actually saw the movie.. it is only when I saw Sreeram Chandra of Indian Idol 5 fame perform, did I realize its beauty and a biiig thanks to Sreeram for this wonderful number.. just fell in love with it as it goes on and on in the loop..

and any doubts... khwaajaa is replaced by Sreya a lot of times when we are playing around :))).

Listen to it HERE.

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