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Aug 19, 2010

kusalam adagamandi

This song by Gazal Srinivas has brought out so many feelings which I need to regroup and bring out...

I totally agree that it is high time we give something back to our roots.. but they are a few points that i totally disagree...  donating money is not our duty as the songs asks for "daanam"... daanam cheyyanavasaram lenanta dhanam mana desamlo undi adi goti kaada nakkala paalu kaakundaa choodatam mana baadhyata..

rather than getting blown out by the emotions in the song, I would say look at the inner and the actual need of the moment.  Each and every one of us, the educated individuals knows as to what needs to be done to get things on track but we leave politics to politicians and economics also to them and then blame every tom dick and harry we can point our finger on.

If the song is targeted on NRIs which I think it is and maybe I am wrong or even if it is targeted to the educated youth who left the village for greener pastures.. I already know a lot of people who contribute a lot to the village, the village temples, some times roads, schools, etc. are benefited by the thoughtful NRIs at least, in my village they are...

There are people who have donated for the post office, library, water foundation, community halls, temples and a lot of other welfare activities in the village, some of them sponsor a student, some of them reward merit students who belong to a lower strata.. they all go unnoticed because they dont shout on roof tops of their help.

The point to be driven is there are lot of resources out there gulped down by wolves called corrupt politicians, or wait a minute do we need to adjectives to describe the same... corrupt and politics arent they one and the same?

Village Calling...
Onamaalu nerpina nee veedhi badi
koolipotu nee kusalam adagamandi -2-

aanamaalu pattaleni raamulori bhajana gudi
beetalesi nee kusalam adagamandi --onamaalu--

eenaati nee keerthi toli adugulu
mundu evaru mosaaro gurtundaa -2-
bratukuloki ninu pampina veedhi roadduu..
gatukulato nee kusalam adagamandi --onamaalu-- (sommu tinesi road esina contractor, approval icchi maayam aipoyina officerni, vaallandari kommu kaasina ministerni vadalakunda kadagamandi)

siri sampadalennunna
daanaanikunna viluva neeku teliyanidaa -2-
oori madhya.. mana oori madhya gaandhi bomma navvutoo
origipotu nee tyaagam adagamandi --onamaalu-- (Tyagam kaadu teguva adagamandi, noru undi lenattu anyayam choodakunda vadalkandi)

polam dunni godlu kadiki paalu pituku paalerudi kodi kunuku -2-
tana biddanu gaalikodili..
ninu ettuku mosina paaleru bhaarya nee kshemam adagamandi --onamaalu-- (paaleru anu padame lekundaa cheyyamandi)

dorlipovu kaalam doralaa nuvu edagaalani evaru tapasu chesaaro -2-
porlu porlu... porlu porlu dandaalato mokkukuntu nee tallee
neerasinchi nee kshemam adagamandi --onamaalu-- (kanipistoo muripistoo kanipenchina talli kanti eduruga kadupu nindugaa undamandi)

baruvu kaaku bratukulo eppudu evariki o manasaa -2-
badi mundara... badi mundara raati meeda jeellamme musali avva
ninu deevistoo nee kshemam adagamandi --onamaalu-- (Prati gnapakam maravakunda nee gamanam munduku ani gurtu cheyyamandi)

and as an after thought, am I the only one who thinks all the songs that GS sings sound alike :((( 


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ప్రణవ్ said...

కరెక్ట్ గా చెప్పారు.
మనం పుట్టి పెరిగిన ఊరికి కృతజ్ఞతాపూర్వకంగా ఏదో చేయాలి అనే భావన ఉండాలి అనే సందేశం బాగానే ఉంది.
ఉన్న డబ్బు క్రమ పద్ధతిలో సద్వినియోగపరచగలిగితే అలా దానాలు వచ్చేదాకా ఆగి మరమ్మత్తులు, కట్టడాలు జరిపించాల్సిన అవసరం మనకు ఉండదనుకుంట.

పాట కూడా చాలా బాగుంది. పరిచయం చేసినందుకు ధన్యవాదాలు!

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