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Aug 3, 2010

Life is a Bubble..

This past few days have been a blur, busy with activities, both physically and emotionally it has been very taxing.  A few of my past resolutions have been made stronger..

One happiest outcome is the passport tasks are done (touchwood) and am just waiting for the passport to come by post.

I think I have handled the critical-most situation in my life with applause and got some clarity for my LO when she is able to understand life.

Two of my well-wishers who have been a real good support for me in terms of crisis just passed away within a span of 1 week.  One, Sai Taata garu, a loner by choice, left this world a loner despite having a wife and daughters.. some things I need to reflect real bad from his life.. some things growing clearer in my mind more than ever as to never get back to somethings...

Another, Rani aunty, who wished death upon herself because of various issues plaguing her life... cancer took her and relieved her of her real ailment "mano vyadha"

there are parallels between the three of our lives in very different ways.. got to think and rethink and get clearer about life in a lot more ways than I do already..

Very, true life is a bubble, ready to burst at any moment... just like the bubble shows rainbow colors in one angle, so does the life.. nothing is permanant.. edi saasvatam kaadu kaani aa swalpa vyavadhilo manakantoo oka staanam erparukuvadame mana dhyeyam, lakshyam, gamyam...

manam ennukunna gamyaanni cherukune gamanaanni maname nirdesinchukovaali...


Sunita said...

Sincere Condolences Sree.. May you Aunty and Tatagaru Rest in Peace!

Kalpana said...

Correct raa... May their Soul rest in Peace!!!

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