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Aug 29, 2010

On my view list.

No matter, how much I crib, kick, curse, hate waking up early and working I end up doing it.. even when my mind resists it body kind of got used to getting up.. No jobs today, i just cant sleep, so am watching a few videos of my choice leisurely..watching movie Prasthaanam.. thanks for the review Chandu Garu :), it just expedited my need to watch this one.

I have this extreme liking to watch interviews.. those who know me and are close to me know this fully well because they are targeted to those watching sessions in spite of their liking/disliking whatever. I dont really force them to watch but I simply wont stop :).

So, these days since the BSNL offers me 2 to 8 free package and since that is the most relaxing time frame for me to work.. i work in that slot.. when the work is in progress, I download a few video clips of interviews during the work hours in the background and watch them later on when the time permits.. me happy, kid happy and mom happy for leaving the TV for her cook shows... God, dont even get me on that.. every day the TV cookery shows on various channels are a torture, the experiments are worse considering I am the one who needs to taste it :(( (just kidding).  I am seriously considering to call one of these channels one fine day for a maa/mee oori/inti vanta with oldie and goldie (that is what my mom and my daughter call themselves).

grr... i digress, especially Open Heart Series which I missed on TV as well as Jaya Pradam these days for the wide range of celebrities, like Jr. and Sr. Rama Naidu, Krishnam Raju.. etc.. while I do not like Jaya Pradam much in terms of Jaya's over action and her dressing.

God, considering she is supposed to be one of the most beautiful women, her dressing, makeup, hair... everything screams change for my taste.. keeping that aside, the language, the unnecessary laughter etc is too much to bear.

I loved Open Heart with Sunita a lot, to me she comes across as a very strong and brave individual who has a knack of surging ahead right through the difficulties.. the confidence she has is mind-blowing considering the pressure-cooker situations she is in and is put under, so here is another person I need to learn a lot from, nothing personal, nothing in terms of ideologies but in terms of general behavior.. the coolness, the extreme rock-solid confidence that nothing can stop me, let me deal it then..

Should learn it from her.

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