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Aug 8, 2010

Puppy Love

We get a puppy-sitting assignment for a while and had to keep this beautiful pom pup with us for a few days much against our wish (first and foremost hygiene/allergy component for the kid)... my tiny little pet-lover gave it a tough time whenever she could find time by showering her Sreyarly love on it... it is no exaggeration to say that the pup to run to a safe corner under the TV table or a cupboard the moment she heard her anklets :)..

and this is one of its royal movements!! To its credit, it never even moaned let alone bite the LO even when it was hugged in a tight embrace.. and just do not ask how we could figure out who pee'd on the floor the kid or the pup :((((.. who seemed to have had a competition going on.

Miss you MITTU who we had to give away to a friend after LO.


Kalpana said...

hahhahaa... bhale pattesukundi Sreya....

Sunita said...

lol..abba entha mudduga unnaro iddaru.. Sreya and pup! Na chinnappudu ma intlo ilage kukkapilla teste.. iddaram okarini choosi okaram bhaya paddamu starting lo.. Then only ade bhayapadedi :p

Renuka said...

asalu ee gaduggayi ki bhayam leda...but still cute :)

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