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Aug 7, 2010

Saathi Tere Naam...

A song from the movie Ustaadon Ke Ustaad..  heard this one as a kid, did not know what got me hooked on to this song for this long, the lyrics (definitely not at that tender age), music, visual... no idea but even to this day, it has not lost its appeal on me.. Heard obviously on Chitrahaar on DD.

Saathi tere naam, ek din, jeewan kar jaayenge -2-

tu hai meraa khuda, tu na karna daghaa
tum bin mar jayenge, tum bin mar jayenge -saathi-

poojtaa hu tujhe peepal ki tarha
pyaar teraa meraa ganga jal ki tarha
darthi ambar mein tu, dilke mandar mein tu
phool pattar mein tu, aur samandar mein tu
tu hai meraa khudaa, tu na karna daghaa

tum bin mar jayenge -2-

khushabuon ki tarha tu mahakati rahe
bulbulo ki tarha tu chahakati rahe
tu salamat rahe, bas yahi hai dua
tu hai meraa khudaa, tu na karna daghaa
tum bin mar jayenge -2-

Check it here.

Another wonderful song on the word Saathi is
O saathi re from Mukkaddar ka Sikandar..

I was under the impression that AB Sr. sung it for the song until I was much older.

o saathi re, tere bina bhi kyaa jeenaa, tere bina bhi kya jeena -2-
phoolon mein, kaliyon mein, sapanonki galiyon mein -2-
tere binaa kuchh kaheenaa, tere bina bhi kya jeena --o saathi-- (really haunting music for me)

Har dhadakan mein pyaas hai teri , saason mein teri khushboo hai
Is dharteese us ambar tak, meri najar mein tu hi tu hai
pyaar ye toote naa, tu mujhse ruthhe naa, saath ye chhoote, kabhinaa  --tere bina bhi--

tujhbin jogan meri raate, tujhbin mere din banjaare
mera jeewan jaltee dhoonee, bujhe bujhe mere sapane saare
tere bina meriiii, mere bina terii, ye zindagi, zindagee naa --tere bina bhi-

Check it here.

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