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Aug 8, 2010

Tum ho kamaal, bemisaal :)

This is what is on loop with me singing it to LO.. changing Aisha to Sreya ;).. yes I know and by the way you should already know that I am not the stereotype good mom singing lallaa lallaa lori to her.

Movie: Aisha

Tum ho kamaal, tum bemisaal, tum laajawaab ho Aisha
Aisi haseenho, Jisko choolo usko haseen kardo

Tum sochti ho duniya mein koi bhi kyun kharaab ho Aisha
Tum chaahati ho tum koi rang har zindagee mein bhar do---- bhar do!!

Nikliho likhne kismat kisiki apnihi dhunmein tumAisha
Yeh shauk kyaa hai, yeh zidhai kaisi, itnaa bataado humko
Suljhane mein tum auroki uljhane hoti ho jo gum Aisha
Apni bhi koi uljan ko door kar ke dikha do humko

Suno Aisha, itnaato tum bhi samjho...Aisha
Tum chaahe jitnaa chaaho....Aisha
Tum jitnibhi koshish karlo....Aisha
Tumsaa na hogaa koi

Baton mein ho aa jaati, ho jaati ho jazbaati
soche samjho to ke mohabbat ki hai raah kya
Pal mein ho ke diwaaani karti ho tum manmaani
Tumko hai duniya vuniya ki koi parwaah kya
Aisha jise kehte hain, ek hain wo laakhon mein
Dil mein jaake rukti hain wo, aati hai jo ankhhon mein..

Magar Aisha --itnaa--

Listen Here.

1 comment:

Sunita said...

Nice song.. I liked it too :)

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