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Aug 11, 2010


They say that people across the globe are more scared of spiders than death.. heard a lot about spider bites but this is a common sight in villages... one day you leave any place without cleaning the next day you see a spider web there!!

Saalepurugu goodu kattadam ante naaku oka rakamaina chiraaku.. intlo patte booju antaa kooda ade anukuntoo tittukuntoo untaanu, especially pandu talli puttaaka mareenu... oka roju ekkadaina cheepuru veyyadam marchipote marusati roju..arey chaala saarlu kevalam koddi gantallo oka teega pratyaksham... eegalu, domalu topaatu nannu parugulettinche maroka praani ee saalepurugu...  kaani teerikaga ee saayantram pooto chettu kinda mancham vaalchinappudu kanipinche ee gundrati valalo unna kalaatmakata telustundi... roju teesestunna enta orputoti malli vala vesukuntundi kadaa...


Kalpana said...

yeah.. nice pic :)

Sandhya said...

Aah, I admire that you took time to click a pic. Nijame, asalu enta orpu unte roju anta kalatmakange vala laanti goodu kattukuntayi ee saalepurgulu. Nature has a way of protecting all the living beings. How else could you explain that any other insects other than spiders can survive in that net! The other day when I was going to office I saw sparrows on a compound. Almost extinct avutunna aa pakshulanu choosi,adi Singapore lo, I was very very happy. Chakkaga edo matladukuntunnattu they were chirping among themselves. Sometimes, I feel all you need to rejunevate yourself is to spend time amidst nature. What say?

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