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Sep 27, 2010

Growing up pains..

Nope, this is not the daughter I am talking about.. it is the pains that I have as she grows up.

Like you know, I have been the worst at restarting my job citing health, stress, daughter and what not as the reasons to keep away from it. Nothing seemed to work, no amount of self motivation, just kind of picks up the momentum and then there is a halt yet again.. but today things change..

Usually the daughter walks in when I work and insists on sitting on the lap and look at the lappy when mamma works touching and typing in things, mamma screaming and almost crying :(.. but out of the blue transition happens...

She walks in and looks at me inquisitively.. I say "amma job bangaaru..

She just gives a smile, blinks her eyes, says "bye amma.. oo daa (you come)." and goes off happily calling "gaagu" the new aide to play with her.

She has come to terms with the fact that I need to work and she needs to cooperate with that.. kids have amazing sensors!!

At this rate, I am the only one who needs to do some serious growing up.

Goes on to prove that no matter how much I crib, I love being clinged on to by the kid, all the pretense of being tired of her running around me is just a facade because I know it is not going to last long.. defensive mechanism at its best!!!


Swathi said...

I love reading Blogs, Thatz how i got to know your blog from my brothers ekaanthapu (dilip) blog, yet to finish reading ur blog.itz interesting to know about some facts and experiences in life..


Sree said...

thank you Swathi :)...

Sandhya said...

Kids are such a blessing in one's life, isn't it, Sree?

By the way, you know I once heard a friend referring to her 'maid' as 'helper'. I liked the word and from then on I have begun to address 'maids' as 'helpers'. My helper at home is very happy whenever I introduce her to friends as my helper. I personally feel we should addressing 'maids' as 'helpers'. Just sharing my thoughts.


Sree said...


I personally never ever refer to them as maids when speaking either in front or without their presence.. it is always buddadi... paaleru/pani manishi raregaa use chestaa when introducing to others, it is understood not spoken out.. and even the kid calls them akka/daadi/ammamma/anna/maama/taata

It is like I never call the kid Sreya or Pandu but when I write about her, it is pandu/sreya..

I do understand... aide, help should be fine.. when in writing I have to keep that in mind though :).. thanks for the reminder!!

Sandhya said...

Oh, I hope you did not take it personally. Just wanted to share thoughts about usage of the word 'maid'. Here in Singapore the word is used widely and I always insist that they be referred to as 'helper' or 'domestic worker' etc. Even their work permit mentions their designation as 'foreign domestic worker' but they are always referred to as 'maids'. Similarly, in buses here, 'drivers' are referred to as 'bus captains'. A 'barber' is usually referred to as 'hair stylist'. Some may feel that it is nothing offensive to use words as 'maids', 'driver' 'barber' etc, but personally I feel if there are respectable terms that can be used to refer to one's occupation why not use these? My personal thoughts ante..

Sree said...

ayyo ledu Sandhya.. meeru cheppi manchi pani chesaaru.. somethings are consciously avoided but subconsciouslo ekkado undipobatti when I write aa word maatiki vacchestundi.. alaa cheppadam moolana you have corrected me.. that is what good friends do :) and I have been in a soup many times because of this.. maid word kaadu chaakali word :(((...

Do keep bettering me as a person.. nenu personalgaane teesukunna, but positivegaa..

Renuka said...

hmm..happens sree. when kids wont leave us or share their time with no one around, we feel why can't. When they leave, we feel they DID. transition phase....the world is bigger for them now :)

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