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Sep 17, 2010

Nee Navvu Cheppindi Naato..

A cute sweet lovely my type of a listening to in a mellow mood melody from the movie Antam.. I love this song a lot, saw it on Gemini Music the other day and cant get it out of my mind and needless to say the audience is obviously my daughter.. the asthma, cough and breathlessness is rendering it impossible to sing but jab manho to rastaa nikal aata hai, I hum it in my mind ;)

Movie: Antam

nee navvu cheppindi naaato nenevvaro emito
nee needa choopindi naaalo innaala lotemito -2-

naakai chaachina nee chetilo, chadivaanu naa ninna nee-2-
naato saagina nee adugulo choosaanu mana repu nee
panchenduke okaru leni batukenta baruvo anee
etodukee nochukoni nadakenta alupo anee

nallani nee kanupaapalalo udayaalu kanipinchanee
vennela pere vinipinchani nadireyi kariginchanee
naa pedavilonoo ilaage chirunavvu pudutundanee
nee siggu naa jeevitaana toli muggu pedutundanee

yenaadaite ee jeevitam rettimpu baruvekkuno
tanuvu manasu cherisagamani panchaali anipinchuno
sarigaa ade subhamuhoortam sampoorna mayyenduku
maname maro kotta janmam pondeti bandhaalaku.. aaahh laaalalaaala.. --nee navvu--

I dont really like Nag's looks in this pic but do understand that typical all too well.. i love RGV, Nag and it is not like i dont like Urmila, so this is good listen and a good watch too...

check it out.


Chandu said...

Nice song. I liked it when I saw it first time. This kind of songs appeal to only afew people who like slow meaningful songs and the rest forget these songs quickly.
Hope u r feeling better now.

ఏకాంతపు దిలీప్ said...

ఏంటో ఈరోజు అందరూ ఇదే పాట పాడుతున్నారు.. నేను కూడా!

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