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Sep 1, 2010

Off the hook

There was a time when a telephone was the lifeline... good old new job days where the mobile or the land line receiver seemed like a natural extension to the ear chatting away to glory with friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc.. then came a slowdown in the phase and cell phone gradually disappeared from the scene once I went to US and it was just the unlimited in the US land line connectivity and a load of jobless dependent housewife friends kept that connectivity alive... However, once back in India phone seems to be a mess, especially the cell phone, the service provider calls, the ring tone calls, the advertisement calls, the marketing calls.. it wont be an exaggeration to say more than half of the calls I get are of such nature.

Thanks to my ear problem and the nature of my job which necessitates earphone usage I limit myself from using the phone to absolute must timings.

Now to me phone is something which I use only when I want to use, like when I go out and need to communicate with the family when I am out or I need to talk something really important to anyone.

People say me having 4 phones 2 landlines and two mobiles is a complete waste 'cos I answer none of them and the only way is they leave me a mail message or as sms so that I see later on and catch up with them.  To be honest, I dont really care what they say.. it feels good to be off the hook.. no wonder people were way too happy back then no TV, no cell phones :)).

Well I would say at this moment, the phones are me to get in touch with world not the world to get in touch with me.. I use it only when I absolutely need to.

The phone has been working off and on for the past few days and I dont really care as to get it repaired.

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