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Sep 23, 2010

Om namo siva rudraaya... khaleja song rocks!!

Woke up a little lazy with wheezing and stress but felt refreshed after listening to the Sada Siva song from Mahesh's Khaleja..

One thinng about Mahesh's movies like Atanu, okkadu or Pokiri is that I can watch them any time and still have the feel of watching them for the first time.. love that crisp reserved dialogues from that chocolate faced guy... we are contemporaries, just love that guy for being so private yet so powerful... all that aside.. a loved the lyrics of the song, not really a rocking song but something really touched me, the drum beats, the voice, the lyrics.. or maybe on the whole everything...

Cant wait  for the movie after the Athidi debacle.. for the starters.. song maatram mast...

not a conventional masala song but has everything, the drum beats me and the kid so love.., now you know what rocks in the house today!!!-----

Movie:  Khaleja

om namo siva rudhraaya.
om namo sithikantaaya
om namo hara naagaabharanaaya, pranavaaya..
dhama dhama dhamarukanaadanandaaya ..

om namo nitalaakshaaya
om namo bhasmaangaaya.
om namo himashailavaranaaya, pramadhaay
dhimi dhimi thaandavakeli lolaaya

sadaa sivaa, sanyaasi... taapasi, kailaasavaasee.
nee paadha mudhralu mosee,
pongipoyinaadhi palle kasee

ye soopula sukkaani daariga
sukkala tivaasi meediga
sooda sakkani saami diginaaduraa.
yeseyraa ooru vaada dandora.

ye rangula hongula poda ledura
eedu jangama sankara sivudenura
nippu gonthuna nilapu maccha saacchiga
nee taapam saapam teerche vaadera.

paipaikalaa... bhairagilaaa.. untaadi raaa aa leelaa.
lokaala neletodu, neeku saayam kaakapodu
neelone koluvunnodu, ninnu daati pone podu ..

om namashiva jai jai jai, om namashiva jai jai jai
om namashiva
groove to the trance and say jai jai jai  
sing along and sing a Shiva Shambho all the way

om namashiva jai jai jai
heal the world is all we pray
save our lives and take our pain away
jai jai jai ..
sing along and sing a Shiva Shambho all the way

sada siva -2-

yekkada veedunte nindugaa.
akkada nelantha pandagaa
chuttu pakkala cheekati pellaginchagaa.
adugesaadanta kaache doralaaga
manchunu mantanu oka teerugaa
lekka seyyane seyyani sankarayyagaa
ukku panchagaa oopiri nilipaadura
manakandaa dandaa veede nikaramga
saame ante haamee tanai untaaduraa....chivarantaa.
lokaala neletoduneeku saayam kaakapodu
aye.. neelone koluvunnodu .. ninnu dhaati pone podu ..

Om namah.. -2-

Check Here to check it out.

Come to say of instant falling in love.. both me and the kid!!!

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చందు said...

After reading your blog, watched trailer of this song. Very Catchy..Also well picturised looks like..

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