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Sep 30, 2010

Rote Kaayko Hum??

Disturbed thinking about the events of the day and the past in Indian history, I happened to sit and listen to this album which is good.. ARR magic on me.. Lyrics are good too, so as I retire for the day, I do so on a happy note.. kid loves the beat too, so icing on the cake, you know what is the song of tomorrow in the household ;).

Movie: Jhootha Hi Sahi

Rote kaayko hum.. hey!! Rote kaayko hum ? hona hai joho, sad hote kaayko hum ?

Cry cry itnaa cry karte hain kaayko ? Itna darte hain kaayko ?
Pal pal marte kaayko ? Why why aisa why waisa kyun hota ?

Yu hotaa to kyaa hota ? Jo hotaa hai woh hotaa,

Fly fly baby fly dekhein aan ud ke,
Dekhein baadalse judke, dekhen phir naa mud mud ke,

Rote kaayko hum -2-
Haan raaton ko naa sote kaayko ? --cry cry--

Chaar pal ka hai.. saanson kaa kissa,
Kitnaa hai hissa is mein aansuon kaa…soch lo tum
Bachpan bhi tha ek, Ek boodha saa pal…Kisne dekhaa kal,
Toh ispal kee keemat jod lo tum…

Rote kaayko hum hain, -2-
Haan raaton ko na sote kaayko ?

Baatein teri theek lagti hain…raatein kyun hamaari jagti hain,
Haalaatain hum kyun na maarein beeti baaton ko,
Bhoolu main to mujhko lagaana tum ek chaanta,
Chubh jaye to kheench lena kaanta,
No, no, no, no…

Poochun main jo tum se kabhi ke kyun kyun daanta…dena phir se ek aur chaanta,
Kabhi nahi… kabhi nahi,
Rote kaahe ko hum hain…
Haan raaton ko na sote kaayko ?

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