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Sep 6, 2010


of activities, emotions and events in the past few days... it has been raining cats and dogs.. i dont know why the phrase but it is raining real bad, sick and tired of it all...

had taken one break from the job to check out on a friend who is in an abusive relationship for quite long that she no longer even realizes she is in one, yes the very same I was really angry with a few months earlier, so finally got to move a little ahead with the help of her parents and siblings and hit the guy black and blue.. he deserved that by the way.. i just wish someone can drill in some sense into the lady though!! anyways, am done and out handing over the responsibility to her parents and I have a letter in writing as to what this guy wants to do to mend the situation.. not that it is needed but just buying some time for the lady to see sense.

health is limping back to normalcy.. i am rearranging the house to make more room for the kid to play and the dust and the rain and the kid in toe with no maid on hand is making things move at a snail pace but am happy at the outcome.. will put up pictures in the pic blog some time soon...

Work has gone for a toss... 3 days off back to back.. bad really really really bad!!!

When the old maid was gone without notice, I felt bad, really worse in fact because I had given her the worst of the yelling I ever did but then when the reality dawned I feel I am blessed though a little late.. so here I let go the maid who was with the kid in her growing up months, no doubt of great help to me when I was very much alone, but like I always say there is God above who watches over me... I am relieved as there is no covering for her follies, I am peaceful because I dont really have to keep a tab as to what is happening in the house...

I don't need a full-time maid any longer, I can make do with some help with cleaning and vessels and am good for the day....

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