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Oct 28, 2010

Being Politically Correct

Extreme of anything is not good.. Everything in moderation is a key to healthy balance in life.  But the sad truth is more than moderates in anything, there are liberals and extremists.  The worst of such happens to be in religion.  A very sensitive topic, a very inflammatory one in fact.  I fear extremities across all the faiths not just isolating Islam..  Across the board I have a problem with terrorism and not radical groups of any particular religion.  I abhor fanatics of any type.  I need to shake myself hard when I hear violence of a magnitude such as 09/11 in US or 26/11 in India but if I were to be asked if I am scared of an average Muslim because the offenders happen to belong to that particular faith, then the answer is an absolute NO.

I personally had this experience when I was walking in a mall, a girl walks down to me and asks me if I were a Muslim 'cos I dressed differently, I still remember that look on the adult accompanying her but then I dont blame them it is their fear making them do, their bias towards a certain group or extreme media hype.

I have intentionally cut myself from the rest of the unpleasant events in the world or maybe a lot of things which do not influence my day to day living, something of interest in recent times is this Juan Williams termination.  People are scared and I do not blame them, a secure nation which knew or anticipated no threat after being that supreme power suddenly was under the grip of terror and that was known to be from a particular religious group.  By and large an average American or a common man would most certainly be scared.  When majority believe it to be true and have that very inbuilt fear, their reactions are but natural and he was echoing their views, some one has to do it.  I happened to hear if not much, a couple of times, his view points and if as a person he were to be a racist as he is made out to be now, he would not have handled the most sensitive situations the nation has been through for so many years.

I personally do not feel he is a racist even now after watching the videos.  I do not necessarily completely endorse his views but I appreciate his guts to not be POLITICALLY CORRECT and give his opinion in spite of losing his job.  I refuse to be politically correct now by condemning what he said was wrong and should not have said that.  In case of 09/11 or terror wars, there happens to be a very very close association of religion to the event, so average population are scared and the hatred is palpable even years after the incident which is what he is trying to say.  He is entitled to his views and he expressed them and that is it.  If I were to believe in something strongly I would no doubt go out with the same conviction and speak it out, just because it is brushed under the carpet, it does not mean that all is well.  Things still happen where I see a queue falls slower if there is a Muslim in the queue at check-ins in airports, things do happen but they are good as long as they are unsaid.  If we were to shout and scream at a man for saying what he feels then we should bring the hell down when a lot of people do what they do.  It is just that they do it under a garb and he chose to do it in open.

The point, however, is that being a responsible person who is looked up to and whose views are respected and held on to, he has maybe overstepped a thin line where he could have restrained himself to the confines of private circles rather making a matter of public debate that it is now.

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Danette said...

I hate political correctness as well and I agree with you... I support Juan Williams freedom of speech. But! The right is on a campaign of racism- fueling fear and terrorism wherever they can and I hate that too. There are certain requirements that we all have to abide by as employees and unfortunately as a PBS reporter, Juan Williams may have stepped over that line. I am sure he'll fight PBS if they stepped over the line as employers. The right wing is going nuts over his right to speak his mind and are going to try to shut PBS down over it... that is also part of their agenda.
I wish it were as simple as freedom of speech in this case.

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