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Oct 4, 2010

Big Boss - 4

I have followed 1, 2 and 3 seasons and just started the 4th season yesterday.. The third one was a total boring one, hoping the 4th one to be a little better.  The theme for the reality show is that 14 people begin their journey in a house, stranded from everyone and everything else, no watches, no phone connectivity nothing.. nothing other than the people that are thrown in together.

It is the show based on the lines of Big Brother which made Shilpa what she is today ;).

Loved the intro yesterday, the house is awesome.. the inmates vary from a dacoit, a thief, a lawyer, actresses, models.. etc.. more of glamor thrown in be it the girls or the guys.  90 days and the count down started yesterday.. Among the lot who would I want to win.. hmmmm.. for the starters just a blind wish.. Swetha Tiwari!!

It indeed is tough to stay there sane, surviving in the politics, plotting, planning, handling brickbats, accolades with grace and still come out beaming with pride and not showing the dirty side to the public.. tricky and challenging.. looking forward to some excitement in the coming days.

What would I do if I were to be in that position or will I accept it for whatever the money involved in it or whatever self-control testing that I get to do there... No, not really.. each moment with the kid right now is priceless, each single moment.. no matter how much I need the money, things can take a backseat for a while, all that I need for now is those moments.

It might be staged, scripted or whatever but I find it interesting to see what isolation can do to an individual and how they turn out to be under that pressure.

So, good luck Sallu Miya (love you loads)... Got to see Dabangg and tere mast mast do nain.. and yay, there I go watching it on TV just turning a deaf ear to the mom cribbing from behind as to why I watch that nonsense at all... with so many people trying to make me see some sense (each in their own way), some nonsense sure is going to do me some good... heeehaaaa (the wicked grin!!!).. so there I go, to have dinner and get set go for the events of day 1 :)..


Aleta said...

I used to watch Big Brother. I haven't seen Big Boss or heard of it. Sounds interesting. My husband can't stand reality shows - he says it's all made up drama and stories. Lol. I guess that's life for you. If given the choice, I'd rather watch the drama than be part of it ;)

చందు said...

Some how, I don't like reality shows. They all are staged dramas for audience and reveal the dark side of participants to make it interesting.

HarshaBharath said...

Either Samir Soni
or Shweta Tiwari

Sree said...

Aleta.. me too, just for the drama ;).

Chandu.. true, staged untay but somehow adi oka weakpoint aipoyindi, I have this love-hate liking to this show.

@Harsha.. hmmmm... let us see..

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