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Oct 31, 2010

Blog-a-thon Finale!!!

The NaBloWriMo starting exactly a month ago has come to an end..

YAYyyy (picture me jumping around) I DID IT!! Did not miss even a day considering this was the most hectic month both personally and work-wise, it is indeed an achievement.  Thank you Rads!!!  Got very much involved in it so much so that I did not realize it has come to an end until I saw Chandu's post :))).

It was fun.  It kept me on toes.  I thought I would get bored and may give up and kept a backup topic list to blog on just in case I run out of anything to ramble but am really glad I never once looked into it.  This was one task that I looked forward to every day.  I need to push myself to work but this was easy, I had to finish work to post in the blog so work and blog both got done on time :).  I picked it from Rads, who could not finish it this year and had wanted a few of my friends to do it.  Chandu took it up and am glad that he did 'cos I got to have so much fun reading during this time period and on top of it, he was the only one doing NaBloWriMo in Telugu.. so a big YAY!!! for him as well.. it only goes to prove that we are truly global and leave a mark every where we go.

Blogging to me like I always say is therapeutic.  It has been a good experience, getting to know a lot of people through the blog.. interestingly I had a lot of followers and comments added up in this particular month and thank you so much for all the encouragement and concern.

**My friends I made through blogging like Neelima, Tarini, Kodi's Mom, Sirisha, KK, Dileep who I share personal rapport with and are bloggers.
**A few more like Sunitha and Sandhya (I love their comments more than my posts), Radha, Chandu, Harsha who I know through regular commenting in my blog... each and every one who added themselves up as followers.
**My best buddy Caps, Usha who inspired me to do Life in Pictures, Renuka and Keerthi from TIA.
**A lot more who I know read my blog very regularly and some even without fail but have never dropped in a comment or do so very rarely.

** Last but not the least my extended family Bhavanakka, papadatta, Savitha.. a biiig suprise readership to my posts.

and how can I forget my lovely lovely cutie cutie little monster/angel who lets me have my personal space.


కొత్త పాళీ said...

cool. congratulations

చందు said...

Congratulations. Thanks for suggesting NaBloWriMo and the support and encouragement through comments. I had fun reading your blogs and enjoyed every bit blogging in telugu.

Swathi said...

Hearty Congratulations!!!! Way to Go to bring up interesting posts and memories in life...

Swathi said...

By the way Happy Halloween!!!

Sree said...

@Kotta paali
thank you and welcome to the blog.

Sree said...

@Chandu :).

Sree said...

Swathi: Thank you and wish you the same.

Sandhya said...

Congrats, Sree.

Thank you for acknowledging my comments. I genuinely and sincerely feel like commenting because I sense the honesty in your posts.

Keep up the momentum.

Deepavali wishes in advance.

Radha said...

hello sree garu, ee madya busy ayyi blog chadvatla... anni kalipi ivvale chadivanu... idedo oka addiction la undi :).. anyway i didnt get exactly what NaBloWriMo stands for, but i understood its something like posting everyday in one's blog.. so good that u ve completed ur task.. and putting all of us also in to this addiction :))

Sree said...

idi oka blogging contest type, not really a contest but a post a day in celebration of blogging types... finish chesaa ;).

good addictione kada :)).

ఏకాంతపు దిలీప్ said...

హుర్రే! కొంచెం ఓపిక, కొంచెం పట్టు ఉంటేనే సాధ్యం.. నేను రోజుకో గీతాంజలి అనువాదం చేద్దామనుకుని చెయ్యలేకపోతున్నా... ఇప్పుడే అనుకున్నా... చేస్తానేమో చూస్తా.. :)

Sireesha said...

Congrats! This indeed is an achievement. I'm amazed at how you handle so much - work, kid and blogging -That too multiple blogs!!

You have the gift of expression. Lucky you!

Chandu said...

Hatsoff !

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