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Sep 30, 2010


So, taking it from Rads.. Decided to go for NaBloWriMo

Maybe I am too late to be in it, I did the needful but still I would love to do this one for myself.

this month I intend to go for the blog-a-thon a post a day for the month of October.. it is tough to find something to blog on every single day.. not blogging for the sake of blogging but doing it so with jest and interest.. wish me good luck!!!

A few more people I would like to do this are
Renuka - Song of Life.
Chandu - Neninthe
Chandu - Vibrant Serenity and Hema.
Chandu - Allanta Doorana
Sphuritha - Naa Raatalu
Neelima - Dew Drop Dreams

Phew!! never really realized I really like and look forward to reading all the Chandus on the blog list :).

I would be glad if they can do so, 'cos I love reading them.. a few fun reads and a few on a serious note!! Go for it gang!!


చందు said...

I was able to do it as my family went to India for a month. I got inspired from your blog and caught on. I don't think I will be able to blog at that speed again. I feel honored now..
Thank you.. Thank you...

Anonymous said...

Hey Sree, good stuff. Did you let the lady at the nablowrimo know? She would add you to the list.

Also, do you remember the 10 secrets to bogging post I wrote last year? sometimes whenever the inspiration strikes you, write two, three at a time. Try to keep them small (easier said that done for me!) and it isn't that hard at all. If you need prompts let me know :)
Good luck, and I hope more of your friends join in! :)

Sree said...

thank you... yes, I did. I will sure turn to you :).

Sree said...

good to see you in Chandu.. Good luck.. have fun writing.

Sree said...

@Rads, got myself added... thanks as always.. and will surely look up to you when I need that.

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