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Oct 20, 2010

Chor Machaaye Shor

In our village there happened to be a theft the other day, every one was busy talking about what happened, how it happened and when it did happen..

As usual the aides got in the information passing around.. the items lost were 2 copper buckets and 3 copper pots.  It was not much really if you ask me, they were very old in fact maybe around 40 to 50 yrs. old, placed in the backyard and the lady of the house sleeping when this happened but it was enough to put everyone on their toes and get their lazy act together and make sure they place things in lock and key at night.  The thieves were caught, they were the village hopeless jobless guys out to sell them for some quick money to play cards and buy liquor.  The police were promptly informed and the group put behind bars.

The high drama from the time the theft was discovered to the time the people were kept behind bars is what caught my fancy... the otherwise careless me also got cautious..
**called the labors to cut down the branches of the trees that were leaning down enabling outsiders to get into the compound through them, a task which was long pending.
**Ensured even buckets and tumblers are put in and locked at night.
**Ensured that all the doors and even windows are closed at night.

and I was getting tense as to how to provide more security to the house.. then suddenly I remembered my grandfather whom we used to laugh at for doing such things.  He used to be very cautious even about the door mat saying that okay we can buy a new one no big deal but why be careless about the one existing and waste money on a new one. To me, at that time he was being miserly, wasting his time on trivial things, worrying about useless stuff.. what is it that I am doing now..

I remember this classic event when a neighbors house caught fire... people were running here and there trying to put off the fire whereas my grandfather was busy pouring water on our thatched roof house so that it does not catch fire from the flames next door and began to get valuable stuff out of our house.. at that time, I was like.. what???? why is he not helping the other men put out fire at that neighbor's place?? why??  Now, I know.. the other house is almost burnt down to flames and everybody is focussing on it.. if something were to happen here it would only spread to other houses through ours.. he was just being cautious in his own way, maybe in retrospect I think I would have done something similar.. like getting kid's valuables out first and then get the kid and myself and people to safety and then think about the neighbors..

Time brings about change in thought process.. now I know firsthand!!

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