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Oct 1, 2010

Common Wealth..

Kicking start the posts for the month for NaBloWriMo...

I am not really too much into what is happening around me.. consciously did not want to get to it 'cos I happen to take things really personally and raise my already risen BP to new level.

Common wealth games and all the hoo haa about it.. what is new?  We host the games this time, we clear the city to make it look good, we want to show a pretty face of our nation to the world and we dont really care about the ugly shadow that raises its hood..

and why do we all suddenly want to breathe down Mr. Kalmadi's neck... why cant we just ignore it like we do with everything else?? why dont we just consider that the involved mistook the meaning of "Common Wealth" and just happened to take a bit of the wealth that they thought was supposedly common to be shared among themselves... wouldnt it be easier that way...

So what if it is public money that is at stake.. but again isnt it always the public money, the hardearned tax payer's money that is stashed away in swiss banks and hidden safely on binami properties?? so, what is new??

So what if we happen to witness some dirty games before the actual games and the game spirit gets into the air.. we cant do anything about it now and cant just stop anything..

Why dont we accept the fact that we will just forget it in a day or two after the TRP-hungry channels get something else to scream about.. maybe a day or two. we go to sleep thinking about okay finally maybe they will be put behind bars, maybe they will be ashamed and maybe no one will do it the next time fearing so much of an exposure.. but no, nothing really happens.. the next day we happen to wake up to something murkier, dirtier, nastier and this one is not even heard.

What is the use of wastage of so much of paper in print media and space on web media!

I would love to show the beautiful pictures of the stadium both indoor and outdoor to the kid, the beauty of it all and hypocritically say India is the best.. we give the best... people should learn hosting from us and all that stuff.. but the problem is I really know what is beneath that show of hospitality and what it took to put that facade on.. It kills everything that follows to me how much spectacular the event might turn out to be!!

I don't really want to sound derogatory about my nation or the people in it.. I love it and the essence of what I am is because of my nation but sometimes I fail miserably defending the wrongdoers.

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HarshaBharath said...

In fact the inauguration was great!!!

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