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Oct 16, 2010

An eventful day

Indian family system, the functions, the festivities are really something.  I am not from the time where everything is as it looks.. I mean, if I am told that there exist a time when there were joint families and someone was the head of the family and almost 30 to 40 people lived under the same roof, and all lived happily ever after, then I am like.. it is all trash, the usual Indian hypocrisy.. there was nothing like that ever, that is because I have not witnessed anything close to that in real life.

In this day and age where talking to another person is considered a waste of time, it is getting tougher by the day.  I wonder how my grandparents could have 4 to 5 kids and bring them up when our parents struggled with two and we just think about stopping with one!!!

The point of the post is, the relationships today, not the immediate blood relationships or maybe some times even them are all so hypocritical and superficial, things rarely come from the heart and there is always something or the other to pick a bone with.. jealousy buried in deep layers, conflicts covered with plastic smiles.. on the surface.. all is well, everything is fine, we are a family in this event but the ground work is so tedious.  If it is a task to arrange a function, the task of managing egos is a thousand times tougher one.

I need to keep a tab on my anger, I need to stop people from invading into my personal space and eat into my precious time I need to spend with my daughter, I just need to break free of a few more things before I take a breather.

When I see people doing nasty stuff for property and I listen to it day in and day out, I just feel like shutting them out forever.. It is time to move on in life, a change in place is a MUST for wholesome growth of the kid away from emotional pollution.

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