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Oct 8, 2010

I am a mom first

Finally, I have to accept that all the mom nerve centers are up and active full time these days.. Before anything, I am a mom, both consciously and subconsciously.  I have to go to the nearest town for each and everything and it is not new for me to go leaving the kid with my mother.  I have watched a couple of movies also without her but never felt this way.

All through the movie, one kid crying, one kid on screen, one mobile ringing, I kept checking mine.. it was LO in front of my eyes, what would she be doing now.. has she eaten, is she playing, is she running around, is someone watching her.. phew!!   I could not wait for the movie to get over and see her.  I should have taken her out to the movie as well at this rate but then if she likes it I cant imagine me doing the same exercise time and again because she is the one who manipulates me to get whatever she wants..

 I walk around, see some stuff and run into the store to get it for her.. i see a baby on the road she flashes in front of my eyes.. this proves I AM A MOM FIRST!!! It was not like this earlier, I actually wanted some time off from parenting full-time but now things have changed, maybe because she is shadowing me all the time, checking on me every 5 minutes and I am really used to being around her.  Now, I really dont have an inclination for free time or even if I do she is a part of it.

After a gap of 3 long years, a Mahesh movie releases Khaleja and I thought since it is the holiday season it would be jampacked, so did not go yesterday and went today for the noon show.  I did not want to read the reviews and go biased, so did not check the net.. just called up the theater and asked them to keep 2 tickets aside and went there.. the show was houseful, no seats left but they filled gradually, no long queues nothing.

Coming to the movie, it is a movie for Mahesh fans (imagine Swathi saying this in her tone in Ashta-Chamma).. he is his best, man! the genes are at play getting younger by the day and yum yum yum :).. Subba Raju is good too.. Anushka as usual is cute.. people say she looked elder to Mahesh but then to me they looked okay and with the story line and the comments on her being strong and fit along the way she suited it more than anyone.. yum yum yummy.. on the whole, the movie was an eye candy.

I loved the song Sada Siva.. but the picturization was not my kind.. hearing it in DTS on large screen is good :).  You can watch it and but really like it only if you are a hardcore Mahesh fan like me.  His dialogues are cute, snappy, sweet.  I loved the first half for comedy, second half for him and the song. You can watch it once!!  IT is a one man show boss!!


Aleta said...

I like that you are a Mom first. This is one of the reasons I love blogs - it brings hope. There's always such negative things on the news. It's wonderful to hear about being a Mom first!

చందు said...

With kids it's not easy. If you take them you can't watch the movie. If you leave them at home you are not involved in the movie as you keep thinking about what they are upto in your absence.

Radha said...

true sree.. if u r a mother of small kid u do see everywhere ur kid wherever u go.. especially i feel bad when i see children who r of my kids age on roadside begging and work at drainages.... my heart goes weaping for them

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