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Oct 10, 2010


I want to write a story, a short story, something, some fiction.. after writing so much about I me myself, I really want to write something. I have been reading a lot of books in Telugu and interacting mostly in my mother tongue to get the kid used to it consciously. Anyways after joining the school she would be bombarding me with English and only English, so I want to lay down a good foundation/base for her in her mother tongue, both script and spoken.

I have never been a story reader earlier or let me say I never really got an opportunity to read good short stories, Leo Tolstoy and Jeffrey Archer were the only 2 authors who I read the stories of. Back here, Vamsi, a telugu writer/movie maker got me sucked into stories, showed me a whole different world. I seriously need to do a post on this man who made so much of difference to my thought process. some time soon, some time during this blog-a-thon or maybe the very next post.

I am itching to write something, something in my language.. a first try.. do pour in your views..

Kadhaambudi ani nenu raayaboye kadha/kadhalaki peru kooda pettesukunna.. enduko teliyadu nenu raayaali anukunnappudu immediatega ee maata madilo medilindi.. Sudhaambudi laaga Kadhaambudi annamaata.. so nenu raase kadhalu anabade picchi raatalu anni akkada untaay aa labelo.. naaku telusu meekandariki Chantabbay lo Sreelakshmi gurtostundi kada.. "nenu kavini kaadanna vaanni kattito podustaa" annattugaa.. tappu ledu naaku kooda alage undi mari.. kani nenu nenu kadaa raayakapote elaaaga raasestaa, kaayitaalu aite chinchedaanni mari lappy kada emi cheyyali keyboard iragestaa lendi..

Englishlo kooda twarolone oka drabble raayali mari.. ento rachayitalam aipoyinaaka life yama busy aipotundi kada ;).. enni raayalo :)))... chaala chaala cuttinglistunna kada, akkada chadukondi, commentlu marchipokande.. ledante nenedo chinchesaa podichesa anukuni raastoone untaa.. mari mee ishtam.

Check here for my bulli bujji budingi kadha...

PS:  Drabble means extremely short work of fiction, exactly one hundred words in length.


kk05zz said...

Sush akka I'm back to your blog...aa kathalu ento tvaralone raayi... :D all the best..

Radha said...

gud luck sree.. mee posts laaagane mee stories kooda interesting ga untai ani aasisthunna.. by the way mee name enti.. sush or sree?? only if u want to reveal

Sree said...

@thanks pillakay.

Sree said...

@Radha.. thank you so much.. naa peru Sushma... actually Sree kooda untundi.. adoka railu pette laantidi.. Sree and Sush rendu nene..

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