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Oct 10, 2010

Kiss of life

I am not talking about mouth to mouth resuscitation here.. yesterday, the kid was running around playfully and just climbed on my outstretched and half out of the bed legs and burried her head in between them while I was sitting on the Deewan cot, .. with the kid's weight and impact it was too much to bear for a moment, tears came out even before the scream from my mouth. could not move the kid or make a sound as the kid might fall getting scared at the noise.  In a playful mood, the kid looks up saying bowww and sees the tears, gets down immediately and kisses both my legs and face and wipes out the tears with tears brimming in hers without any prompt saying amma oppi poyi!!!! How do kids do such things.. caring comes to them naturally, it is my duty to retain it... awww, a moment to die for.

I crib no one really cares, someone who matters the most to me does!!

If you look at me, you know what it means when they say bloating with happiness..

asala oka rangelo gundelu baadesukuni maree santoshapadipoyaa.. ayababoye, entinta dishti pettestunnaanu... irugu dishti, porugu dishti.. cha chaa one and only amma dishti.. dhaaam aipovaali.


Radha said...

it gives immense pleasure when such incidents happen. it reminds us our responsibility to make them feel more cared coz when they feel it only then can give it back

Renuka said...

oh..such a blessing! Lovely Sreya...

Sree said...


yeah avunu.. shower the love so that they give it back multifold not just to us but everyone around.

Sree said...


yeah a lovely monster.

ఏకాంతపు దిలీప్ said...


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