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Oct 30, 2010

Mad Ads

Happened to see this Big Babool ad today.. the boy-crow-revenge one :)))... One has to have this bird shower experience to actually feel that ad ;).. ask me!! being from the village and cohabiting with a whole lot of crows and bearing this a lot of times.. I must confess there were times when such a thought came across my mind as well ;).. loved to see it on screen :))).. could not help but grin the whole evening.

Yet another favorite at home is the kit kat ad...

Wherever the kid is, she comes running to the TV once hears the honk honk :))..

According to me ads are one of the most creative and intellectual way of expression.. conveying what we want to in a matter of minutes or seconds and capturing the attention of the viewers is not an easy task.. I must say I love love love ads big time.. and my daughter is no less!! Together, we channel surf for ads rather than channel surf at the time of ads :))...

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