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Oct 2, 2010

Me and Gandhi

No, we are not contemporaries, nor was I even born by the time he was assasinated in fact neither were my parents but Gandhi is one phenomenon who in a way has touched each and and every Indian since his being on this earth.  We have our favorites in each and every aspect.. to me the style of Bhagat Singh and Alluri seemed right, rebellion, anger, courage meant heroism to me.. even now it is but I do appreciate the calm strength and the power it has.  I also appreciate good marketing strategy of his followers.. we celebrate Oct 2, Nov 14 but hardly remember any other date... maybe a September 5th somewhere and how many of us know or remember that Lal Bahadur Shastry shares the birthday with him...

Chandu here kind of echoes what I personally feel to a large extent.

Gandhi appeals to me more as an ideology than as a person. I mean I do not fully agree with a lot of things he has done and in fact given a chance to change one thing in the history or go back in history and witness, I would without batting an eyelid go back to the Gandhian era and check out a whole lot of things and get a firsthand view of the man and see the fate of India being decided by this man. No, I dont believe autobiographies, biographies, historical records or any documentation, they to me are just biased notes.

To me, he is a very good leader.. Gandhi and Hitler are probably 2 people I would admire completely and totally for their ability to hold on to masses and their thought processes. Agreed, both of them are poles apart but it is that quality I am in awe of, the ability to make people see and understand what they believe in and have followers who would do anything and everything they asked to do.

Keeping the political interference of Gandhiji and its impact in shaping up our current India apart, I respect him tremendously as an individual for being able to preach and practice nonviolence, his experiments with truth, his self-restraint, his mass appeal, his determination.

His relationship with his wife, he as a father, he as a friend, he as a mentor to an entire nation everything about that man is a lesson in itself.. be it the best or the worst he got it all.. like everyone else he has different dimensions to his character. He is a human after all and I am no good to judge on what is right or wrong.. To me Gandhi is mortal with virtues and flaws but Gandhigiri is immortal and pure and serene. It is the need of the hour, that ability to show the other cheek, that relentless pursuit for what we believe in and the fact that the means are as much important as the end in itself everything to me only make us a better individual!!

This day, as the nation celebrates his birthday.. I let go a few of my inhibitions, my earlier biased opinion kind of shadowed my ability to see his virtues, now with so much behind me in life, I know and understand to let go of a lot of things and cling on to the best!!

I like Gandhi, I like Gandhigiri.. what I don't like is the "Gandhis" who have emerged from nowhere still holding on to the last name which I really really don't understand how they got... and as I type this I realize what the bone of contention between me and my liking Gandhi was or is... it is not the man, it is the last name that is the culprit!!!!!   True he was the original but by the time I appeared on the scene in this world it was the others who ruled.


Rayna M. Iyer said...

Quite true.
There is a lot that the man did that I do not approve of, but the man I admire for all that he achieved.

BUT, I wish we could remove all pictures of Gandhi from India- we are just abusing him by using his face in things that are not in line with what he stood for.

Anonymous said...

Good one Sree! :)

Radha said...

aina i am wondering one thing sree.. how can u post so many things daily.. i get my eyes strained after a day's work on system.. i think that u have somany things on mind to post...i read sree-firststeps too today.. nice one and very informative too..
i dont know whats the pain u r undergoing in ur life.. but some sentenses are showing ur pain and the challenges u face everyday.. anyway good spirit and i admire that

Sree said...

Very true Rayna.. very true.. those broken statues, the rupee notes, stamps and everything..

Sree said...

@Radha... kadaa, I am pretty much organized when it comes to blogging.. lifelone teliyatledu.. I dont sit and ponder and write, I write what I feel like at that point.. think and think posts takkuva.. i just blurt out what I feel at any given moment.. so nenu tittesukuni or tittese timelo aa post aipotadi ;).

Sree said...

@Radha.. yes, I am strong and this is what I have come to know about myself very clearly, rest is all a daze.. thank you.

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