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Oct 5, 2010

Meraa kuch saamaan

This was one song which meant love and yearning for the lost love to me through the growing years.. could empathize with the lady in question and feel some of her pain. In reality, I usually pull down an iron shutter when it comes to emotions when they are hurt and move on not even look back now. Life does make you different than what you actually thought you would do.. sigh!! unexpected is another way to describe life right!!! You turn out eventually to someone you would have thought strange at some point in life :).

I still like this song but both the heart and the mind asks the girl to move on and not to think too much.. the practical mind winning against romantic one or the cynical mind winning??

Movie: Ijaazat
Singer: Asha Bhonsle

Mera kuch saamaan tumhaare paas padaa hai -2
oh! saawan ke kuch bheege bheege din rakhe hain
aur mere ik khat mein lipti raat padee hai
woh raat bhujaa do, meraa vo saamaan lautaado - 2

mera kuch saamaan tumhaare paas padaa hai - 2

patjhad hai kucch ... hai na???
oh ! patjhad mein kucch patton ki girne kee aahat
kaanon mein ek baar pahan ke lautaayee thee
patajhad kee wo shaakh abhi tak kaap rahi hai
wo shaakh giraado... mera wo saamaan lautaado - 2

ek akele chhataree main jab aadhe aadhe bheeg rahethe - 2
aadhe sookhe aadhe geele, sukha to mein le aaye thee
geela mann shayad bistar ke paas padaa ho
wo bhijwaado, meraa wo saamaan lautaado

ek sow sola chaand ki ratein... ek tumhare kaandhe kaa til - 2
geeli mahendi ki khushboo.. jhoot mooth ke shikwe kuch
jhooth mooth ke waade bhii sab yaad karaado
sab bhijwaado, meraa wo saamaan lautaado - 2

ek ijaazat dedo bas.. jab isko dafanaaoongee
main bhi vaheen sojaongee.. mein bhi waheen so jaongee..

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