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Oct 7, 2010

Money Matters

I see people saying money does not really matter to me, it is nothing, insignificant. I think they are mahatmas if they say that and really actually feel that.

Money is one thing we cannot live with and cannot live without as per my experience. Sadly, money is everything which determines how life and death happens to a human being. The events like birth and death too are very much decided on how much wealth one has. The life and the course of it is also determined by it. It is not an exaggeration to say that one single factor that determines the fate of an individual is money in this time and age. No wonder people kill and die for that money.

To each individual the importance of it may vary to a degree but it is truly vital.. as for me, money has been the root cause of many problems in my parents' lives, so the importance of that was known to me very early in life. The way people treat us based on financial status is something that is really bothersome. I do not understand why the difference and what the hell?? Relationships are dictated by it, life runs on it. If I spend cautiously I am a miser, if i spend lavishly I am a spendthrift. I save each and every penny make a life for myself people admire me, abuse me, doubt me, respect me but will not just ignore me.

When I am in a soup, people stop by to talk to me, offer words of encouragement, throw a little more stress to the already existing ones.. all superficially but if and if they were to look after me for a day or even an hour they will calculate what it is to them.. "naakenti" mentality!! I dont say everyone is like that every time but by and large that is the case most of the times. Forget anyone else, I am neck deep into my own issues that I do not really stop by to see what is happening in lives around me.. I may feel sorry, offer some verbal support, maybe a meal at times, a little money at times but nothing beyond that because I am scared if I do that they will turn up daily to me and I need to do save up for my daughter's future and keep ourselves afloat.. we have our reasons.. we certainly do.

Siblings fight amongst themselves, cousins bay for blood for property, love?? where is it when it comes to money issues. If someone were to offer me some help, maybe even genuine I would eye that person surely with speculation and suspicion.. why?? what is the hidden agenda?

Why is there so much of inequality.. when my kid gets the basic needs why is it that the kid next door cries day in and out of hunger.. when I run around my kid to feed her, why is it that some kids run around to get fed??? when I have a roof over my head.. why are some people taking shelter under trees.. money!! how much does one actually need.. how much will make me content actually come to speak of it. Around me, the birth of a child seals the fate of what he is going to be 20 yrs. later as to how he will be and what he will do.. times are changing but the change needs to be in a right direction.

I dream of money at times, loads of it so that there is no poverty, but just basic needs for everyone.. anything else they need to work hard.

If I have enough to have a house of my own, unlimited nutritious food, healthy and hygiene surroundings will that satiate me. Will I be content. I am not really sure, maybe I would still end up wanting a little more.. for now my wants are just my needs. When the needs are met, maybe my wants will become my needs.. MAYBE.

I place relationships above money and at the most avoid getting into any financial transactions with any of the people I am close in whatever form.. once I did and got into trouble which makes me once bitten twice shy.. never EVER EVER!! Once the money is out of your hands, you either get is bits and pieces or you wont get it at all in the time of need, so being cautious is the key.. no need to lose the person as well as the money. At no point would I choose money over a person but if someone does, they should expect the same from me as well.. we get even!!

Day in and day out, I lose money in many ways sometimes I feel bad about it, some I dont even stop by to bother because NOTHING really matters when it comes to being human.. it is when I am taken advantage of that I become a hard nut to crack.

Money confuses me, I do not eye anyone else's but I am cautious about mine.. nothing wrong according to me but still people who have to say something will say something.. No matter who says what.. to me definitely not more than relationships but surely and most certainly.. MONEY MATTERS!!


SaGaR said...

True Sis..... Sometimes not even a billion bucks can give you the feeling that you have enough.

HarshaBharath said...

Yes you are cent percent right!!!
Last night we had a large debate on the same thing..
Manishiki Manishi thodu vunte chalu Money Next antadu vadu(my friend)..
Nenemo Mundu Money vunte Next aapyathalu, anubandhalu anni chakkaga vuntayii ani...

Thats what my experience is.
I've seen many families.. Kopam , asahanam, nissahayatha, Digulu
ivanni vasthayi kada money lekapothe

Ayyoo na koduku/koothuru ki idi kooda cheyyalekpothunanne ani badha pade parents entha mandoo...

Radha said...

yes sree. money does matter.. i too agree.. i now started reading ur blog from 2005.. all ur posts... its like reading my own thoughts.. felt very strange and happy to realise that there do exist 'like-minded-people'. be it happiness from small things in life, be it reacting to social issues, be it feeling blessed of being a mother of a daughter...
good going

Sree said...

@Sagar.. true.. emi lekundaa ento trupti vastundi ento undi asantrupti maatrame untundi cheppalem kada!!

Sree said...


money apyaayatalu oke tookaana veyyalemu kaani nijamgaane dabbulekapovadam anedi relations meeda chaala pressure choopedutundi... lemilo kalisi undadam anedi unna manasulo ento aavedana baadha untay kada.. so money saripadinanta undi aapyayatalu undaali anedi naa point.

Sree said...


Thank you.. at this point, even I would not dare to do that but sometimes when I look back I see my journey, how my thoughts evolved, the bubbly carefree care a damn me turning to still care a damn but no more carefree me..

anukuntunna ee Oktober fest ayipoyaaka nenu kooda oka roju koorchuni chaduvukovali...

mana lopala more or less manam chaala mandi ilaage alochistaamemo.. konni categories of people lo manam same kovaki chedi undocchu...

Good to meet you here :)..

చందు said...

I agree Money really Matters for living. It is what you do to get it and what you will do after getting it differentiates us. If the need for money and having too much does not chnage you then you can say money does not matter to me in relationships. At times you have to choose money or relationships and it's the type of relationship that drives me and not money. I often lose on money but seldom lose on relationships.

Sree said...


True there would be instances when we have to choose between people or money.. this one is tricky, if the person in question is genuine it is always people first IF AND IF they are just after money and nothing else matters to them.. I would just get away never to look back.

Aleta said...

Money does matter, when it's needed, especially. I don't need to be filthy rich but I do want enough to be comfortable and to meet the bills and have some in savings for say... oh.. another Hurricane Katrina.

I've seen money break marriages. One of my friends - I know when money is tight - she and her husband will argue nonstop, because of the stress of not having enough money and having too many bills. When money is good, my friend and her husband are content and happy.

It does matter, but it shouldn't be primary to a person, to a relationship.

The Golden Eagle said...

Money does matter, it's true.

Sandhya said...

Sree, as Mehmood sings, 'the whole thing is that ke bhayya sabse bada ruppayya'. This is true in most households today. Rising living costs, inflation, peer pressure to provide best education to children, the need to invest in properties, etc have forced people to focus more on earning money. But personally, I feel while money does matter, relationships matter even more. Cordial relationships with family members be it husband, wife, children, parents, cousins etc can give one peace of mind. Dabbu andariki avasarame, kaani utti dabbu sampadinchi kaasta kuda manashyanti leka pote, yentha sampadinchina dandage. Maaku telisina oka uncle unnaru. Ayanaku pelli kaaledu, chaala dabbundi, chaala illu kattinchaaru, kaani family to relations maatram antanta matrame. Evarikosam anta dabbu sampadinchindi, maaku artham kaadu.

I feel that it is one upto one's discretion regarding how to use his/her money. Mana avasaranni batti manam spend cheyyali. Personally, naaku atiga spend cheyadam ishtamundadu. Ala ani miser ni kaanu kaani future kosam save chesi pettukovali annadi naa alochana. Kannada lo ok sametha undi "parupu enta podduga untundo anta matrame kaalu chaapukovali" ani, ante mana limit manam telsukovaali, avasaraniki minchi kharchu cheyaakoodadu, itarulani meppinchidaaniki anavasarmaina "false status - jhooti shaan" adopt chesukokoodadu ani daani artham.

As usual, my comment occupied lot of space.

Keep your posts coming.


Sree said...

:).. telugulo kooda undi Sandhya mancham poduguni batti kaalu chaapukovaali ani.. you are very right and I so love your comments..

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