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Oct 16, 2010

A new beginning.. Alma Mater

I came across a place called Alma Mater where there is a web cast live streaming of Master Mind.. nothing overtly spiritual, nothing overtly training training, some talk which makes you want to listen.. the talk from 6:45 to 9:15 on Sundays..


some excerpts from the discourse.

willing to subject your intelligence by willing to be able to learn from higher intelligence.. subjecting intelligence to training is vital.

certain maturities can be groomed only through experiences of life.. it cannot be born out of listening to speeches, discourses.. it is just that they give us a trigger.

isolating legitimate disturbances and validate the concerning ones and then slowly mature through experience..

no instant transformation, no magic, live the transformation from within you.. for quite some time and not just as long as the impact of the speech remains. and that transformation should be spontaneity.

Law of impermanence should becomes a part of you and there should be acceptance.

A kid's is a love of dependence and as they become secure and more mature, it just lessens and that is when the mothers feel that withdrawal tinge.. just loved the way he made me see the point with plain and simple words..

Accepting the other as the other is love.

Going through definitions of love.. awesome!!

Delivering excellence.. work becomes my reflecting mirror..


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