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Oct 29, 2010

News Khichdi

Rajeev Lalita Kala Toranam

Well, what else is remaining to named after in the state.. What has Rajiv done to telugu to change the telugu lalita kala toranam to his name.. heights of sycophancy!!  It is originated by NTR if it comes to that and I wish to keep tradition and fine arts at least away from politics.

Boycotting AP Formation Day

Everyone has a freedom to whatever he wants to but the freedom ends where the other person's nose begins.  If we celebrate formation of a state recognizing efforts a man giving his life to a cause and years later, a group condemns it all.. I do not really want to get into what is right and what is justice, I just dont want my country to be split on dialects as well at this point.  Samaikhyandhra or not, I want peace...

Good times to Konidela Family :)

Well, after about 3 yrs. of constant media intervention/ridicule and boquets and brickbats, the family is in news again, the govt. gives a clean chit to blood bank.. well, I guess the blood bank's functioning was never a dispute, the question was that it is not a charity he does but commercial outfit which enjoys exclusive privileges by the government.. anyways.. it is a good note.

Saw Srija in audio function of Orange and a much slimmed down Chiru.. good, good, good.

Allu Arujun's wedding finally... great if it is true.. good, good, good.. :)))...  May the happy times continue and may Chiru and his fans focus more on their family and movies and do what they do best acting and leave politics to the others :)).

So, that means I am back to reading newspaper.. if not full fledged at least the headlines and watch some news and hence these snippets..

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