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Oct 26, 2010

People and odd jobs

One thing I really like about being abroad is that there is no other go than do our work ourselves.  No dependence on other people.  No matter what you are and where you work, you are treated equally by one and all.  I mean I cant imagine a barber/hairdresser enjoying equal privileges like me in my village or maybe even in AP unless he is a high-profile person.. yes, people are still looked up or down on depending on what they do.. sighhh!!!

I was brought up with the following that I dont really have to do anything other than eat well, read and do your job.. other menial tasks (well mindset again) will be taken care of by hired help.  Life actually revolves around them here.  Actually it is ingrained so deep into my psyche that I take it for granted.  I get pissed off when people dont turn up for work whereas I myself am not really regular at my work place.. I have my reasons you see.. because I am privileged.. they cant because I pay them.  It is not always that my conscience acts up and reprimands me.. it only peeps out sheepishly some times very rarely like this.  I manage to control my thoughts on this while I crib I can't on many other aspects (hypocrite me).  But then again, no one pays me if I do not work.. no one gives me perks when I demand them, I only get if I deserve them, I am treated with respect because I do not abuse the office system, once I do, I very well know I will be shown the door...

Actually to my credit I try treating people equally.. I call them "meeru" or amma if they are younger to me, always a mark of respect and thanking them for helping me out even when I pay them for getting the tasks done.  When I first came back to India and came in close contact with my relatives.. the first thing they would say to me after staying with me for a day is "you pamper maids rotten.. if you treat them like that they wont listen to any of us, they will start demanding the same".. ekkadunchevaallani akkade unchaali and all that stuff.. I just turned a deaf ear.. now that I knew their value after staying abroad for my short stint, it came to me naturally.

But obviously a majority of them to date have proven to me that I was wrong and the relatives were right.  When I am the only one being different, they think that I am a fool and can be taken for a ride easily.  I understand things and just let them be because they are not a big deal.. but that to them is a sign of helplessness, dependence and cant-do-without-us so they are bearing feeling.. phew!!!!  Majority of them have taken me for a ride, not once but time and again..taking away my faith in people.. maybe it is not the hired help and everyone else but these are the ones I interact with most of the time, so I get back into my old shell.. i am not bossy but I am not all caring, trusting and robinhood types. I still show them respect but make sure I get the work done, no mincing words when coming to it and most importantly no extra money dealings or hanging around longer than their work hours demand... no treating like family members, just as hired help that is it.. It is the case of once bitten twice shy or maybe bitten constantly and shy forever!!

But there is battle inside me questioning about the hypocrite me, the values I set aside and then retract on with certain bitter experiences.. and the biggest question looming large over my head is what I should teach the kid.  The kid already is taught to treat them equals, shower the love, share and care, and she is made to do little chores for them and she does it happily.

I just wish by the time she is old enough to understand the differences in social strata like I do, there is no such thing like that and all are equals... it is dependence of people on each other that forms a society.. it is this interdependence that runs the system smoothly.. if only we can bring in trust and faith and sincerity in both the parties involved, some small fraction of people like me trying to consciously ignore the divide will move along more freely and not think about this like I do now..

When I call some person for a job, he takes the advance and there starts my running after that individual and such things really really piss me off...

Just hope for equality AND WISH I CAN SAY IT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART... yes, i accept it wasnt from the core all the while otherwise I would not backtrack on it no matter what.


HarshaBharath said...

We need to be tacful and professional :)

treating equally doesnt mean we should be kind to them.. they are getting paid for their work and we just need to acknowledge the dignity of labour...

Thought provoking post...

Satish Bolla said...

made me nostalgic

కొత్త పాళీ said...

All very true. You know the sayings like "Be a Roman in Rome", etc.

BTW, stumbled across your blog through Chandu's and read few random posts. I like your views and you write very well.
Keep writing :)

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