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Oct 23, 2010

Rakta Charithra 1 -- My Take

One movie I watched with a lot of expectations, one movie I HAD to watch first day first show but as usual went the next day because of concern about controversy and some untoward events.. so what is the verdict..

As a person, I admire RGV's guts but of late as a movie maker I am just beginning to feel one thing "GANDARAGOLAM"... bratakataaniki savaalaksha maargaalu, evarino uddarinchanu naaku tochinattu teestaanu ani mondigaa cinemaa teestaadu, choosina choodakapoyina, aadinaa aadakapoyinaa teestoone untaadu.. ataniki cinema tiyyadam passion, newslo undadam kooda passione, naaku evaru pattaru annattugaa untoo eppudu newslo untaadu.. siggulekundaa nirbhayamgaa oppukuntaadu malli chesindaanni... okka maata cheppali ante veedadoka type antey.

I happened to watch an interview of his in some channel the other day regarding the Bejawada Rowdy title for the movie where he claimed that he is going to make a movie, he has not told any one who he is making it on, so no point making an issue about it until the time it is made, because I have not taken anyone's name.. AGREED, ACCEPTED, UNDERSTOOD.

In case of RC.. I was confused as to what is fact and what is fiction... basically he showed the root cause guys as good people, one carried away by some vested interests and then people fighting amongst themselves in the name of pride and self-respect and all that stuff.  I have never been to any Seema districts, neither do I have any idea about how life is there, what it means to be staying there.. faction is something which I see in TV or in news, no handson experience.  Heard about Paritala Ravi because a relative of mine worked as a DSP in Anantapur and is close to that guy, so obviously heard only good things.  The time I heard about him, the things I heard about him made me an admirer to him.. you know Robinhood feeling.. saamoohika vivaahaalu, nammina vaariki praanalivvadaalu, gatra gatra... I have heard about him only through people who had soft corner for him, maybe community wise, maybe realestate wise, maybe politics wise.. and like I mentioned I liked the way Sunitha is composed despite everything and in fact loved the way she reacted to the movie making and stuff... So, in a way, I am biased.. I have heard only good about him, never bothered to dig up info on him, just had good feeling and still have.. dont ask me why.. just an impression.

So, I was watching out for it.. now I am confused, I dont know if it is fact or fiction.. nothing seems related, no familiarity, no proper casting, no proper voice over, everything about that movie is a mess according to me.

No doubt the actors in the roles are SUPERB!! but as a Telugu audience watching a movie based on a guy from AP, I would have liked to see people with South Indian features.  The characters are loosely based on the controversial people.. it does justice neither to the characters nor to movie making.. nothing has turned out well.. Vivek is too good and so is Asish Vidhyarthi.. Zarina Wahaab is a brilliant performer and so is Shatrughan Sinha, but to me they are total misfits as characters they are potraying... Telugu jaati gauravam, antoo party pettina leaderni present chesetappudu Telugu raani vaadini, dubbing kooda ado maadirigaa cheppinchadam too much.  Sunitha Ravi relatives, it would have put the hero in a great light because her parents gave her away willingly to him... why should there be a love angle in a serious movie? 

Why is NTR dragged into everything... a new party by a cine hero, the bomb attack, okay... The time line in which Ravi entered politics is way too late after TDP was established, the killings depicted in the movie were during CBN regime, way after the demise of NTR, Ravi had some good contacts with YS and his family to be precise his father in an attempt to keep a check on JC, so the hand party lies are way too obvious..

RGV loses me with his unbearable voice over.. God!!!! Some dubbing artist, some solid voice, some voice with emotions, some strong voice with clarity, anger, enthusiasm would have been good... it was as if some one woke RGV from sleep to finish the dubbing in a hurry.. the voice over killed even the little enthu I had left in me... sighhhhh

Everything is convincing had it been a fiction movie.. if he had maintained a stance that it is based on some imaginary characters, why give them names other than with the intention of raking up a controversy!!  I do not blindly support NTR but total lies is not something I expected from RGV.  We were in the times Ravi was alive, NTR was alive so if not completely we know to an extent and understand it is a mockery of events and nothing remotely real.. but what is he trying to prove.. I fail to understand..

His reaction obviously would be.. watch it if you like, it is my take, my work, my passion.. if you dont like dont talk about it!!

With all this do I wait for RC-2 on Nov 19th... not really sure, maybe yes, maybe no... am still reeling under the impact.


Sandhya said...

The fact about RGV is that "love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore him". I admired him as a director Shiva, Kshana Kshanam. But most of his recent movies exactly reflect the attitude that you have mentioned. He does not care about other, he makes movies. The choice is ours. We dont watch, ante.

I hail from Rayalaseema. Though I have not lived in any of those hard core faction areas, I have visited many places in Rayalaseema. Believe me, the portrayal of faction is overdone in movies. I have seen faction leaders from a distance and they do not carry sickles nor do they roam around with 20 sumos escorting them. Yes, most of them are dressed in white. I am not an authority to comment on their activities but I do feel that it is the Robinhood attitude of theirs that attracts people. In Rayalaseems, loyalty is of utmost importance to most people. Once they are committed or make friends with someone, they remain loyal. Maatalu katuvuga unna, manasu nishkalmashanga untundi. Most of us, including me, get into trouble for being frank and open about what we say. This is my general observation.

HarshaBharath said...

To start with... I'm not a Fan of RGV.. At one point i hated him for his Ghamand and his stupid horror movies..

Yesterday, I watched RC
Surprisingly.. I liked the movie..
Unfortunatley since there was no Telugu Release here, I forced my self to watch in Hindi..
By your post i understood that this is a direct Hindi movie dubbed into telugu...

Vivek is fantastic...
The Movie is very energetic..

I dont know much about the politics, As a movie RGV did a very good job and i'm least concerned about the facts and the time line..
Movie was superb... Its a kind of experiment.

and you know people clapped when Vivek enters the college with his followers.. though i wasnt surprised by that scene( telugu lo ilantivi oka 100 cinemas lo vuntayi).. I understood one thing.. this movie is for Indian Audience.. Not for what we call tollywood... Who can watch movie based on bais... etc etc... So I feel the casting is approprtiate becoz he is least concerned abt tollywood...

And how ever since i like acting of Surya.. I'm really waiting forward for the part-2
I cant imagine how energetic it will be with both Vivek and Surya on the screen....

This is just my view/opinion...

Renuka said...

i second Harsha sree. though RGV made this film based on AP politics or people, he is not intended to cater it explicitly for telugu audience. May be one reason for him to select bollywood actors for wide acceptance

Also, as he is publicly announcing that the subject is based out of AP, he would have cast telugu people and publicized how telugu culture is and how telugu people are...this would have given our people national recognition (not that they dont have it now) and all other audience would have received it as a fresh experience. But the other angle to it is casting will be a tough task with the current position in AP with too many region & caste controversies running over here...people whoever don those roles in film are perceived as if they have done it in reality...

Pity it is, but thats how the reality.

i haven't yet watched the film nor have plans to. Voilence is a straight hit out from my list, so cant comment on subject

Sree said...

@Harsha... ade cheppanu kada, performances were outstanding, Ravi story ani cheppakundaa if it was just any other movie naaku bhale nacchi undedi suregaa... but distortion of facts and nativity lekapovadam naaku nacchaledu...

Sree said...

@Sandhya.. good to have an insight into the people in that region.. kadaa i always felt asala sumolento, aa kaalpulento, aa golento.. ento

Sree said...

@Renu... wide acceptance and all understood Renu but somehow it did not go well with me.. chirakesindi baga... you have some very valid points casting wise kooda regional feelings gatra gatra but alaantivi cheste inka vaadi movieki popularity vastundi kadaa... edo hadavudigaa chesesadanipinchindi.. 2nd half at least Surya familiar face undi.

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