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Oct 3, 2010

Social Networking!!

Well, of late I have realized that social networking really made me the most unsocial person to mingle with in person.  I am in touch with almost all the friends who use the net regularly but it has been like ages since I spoke with someone who doesnt over the phone leave alone pay them a visit.

I crib that I am stranded in a village where the only people I get to see are oldies and the helping aides.  It really has been ages since I had some one-on-one intellectual conversation with anyone in person.  A friend to me is always  a click away.. when I sit about to work, when I feel low, when I am on a high I reach on to the lappy and reach out to the friends.

It is good in a way.. but the results are a bit too taxing on my body..when I wonder aloud about why I just dont seem to reduce the tummy after the baby or why I keep on adding kilos to the body fat, I seem to forget that if I am not with the kid, I am in front of the lappy.  Some days, the only exercise I get in a day is for the fingers (typing that is)..

I would certainly feel like a fish out of water without the connectivity.. the job zone, the think zone, the entertainment zone, the communicating zone, in short the life zone has only one epicenter.. my "lappy".

I need to break away gradually, slowly but steadily.. limiting the time to an hour a day other than for the job for the starters!!


kowthas said...

It is hard considering you are physically far from your peers, but yeah, scheduling helps. I've started doing that, or it can suck your time away. :-)

చందు said...

I agree. I am going through similar phase. Work from home, Sitting with lap top almost 14 hours every day. Driving me nuts.. No co-workers and no commute..

Sree said...

@rads.. tell me about getting sucked up :((..

@Chandu.. aawww.. and the winter and the cold might not be helping either.. take a break and schedule :).

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