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Oct 30, 2010

Swarnakamalam - Sirivennela

This man, believe me, takes you to another world with his lyrics. Music, singers, lyrics, performances.. an awesome blend of it all, a delight to the eyes as well as ears.. Fell in love with it the moment I heard it and the love story continues...

This song in particular, the question and answer session between the two characters, the comparision, the usage of simple words, the analogies.. takes me to another world altogether.. yes, the daughter dances to it, so good for me.. on the loop for today are the songs from this movie.

Ghallu ghallu ghallu mantu merupalle tullu..
Jhallu Jhallu Jhalluna uppongu ningi vollu
nalla mabbu challanee.. challani chiru jallu
pallavinchanee nelaku pacchani paravallu -ghallu-

Velluvocchi saaganee tolakari allarlu -2
ellalannave eragani vegamto vellu --ghallu--

Layake nilayamai nee paadam saagaali -aahahahahaaha-
malayaanilagatilo suma baalaga toogaali -aahaahaahaahaaha--
valalo vodugunaa... viharinche chirugaali
selayetiki natanam… nerpinche guruvedi

tirige kaalaanikee -aaaa aaaaa aaaaa--
Tirige kaalaanikee, teerokatundi
adi nee paathaaniki dorakanu andi
nataraaja swamy jataa jooti loki cherakunte
viruchukupadu sura gangaku viluvemundi.. viluvemundee -ghallu-

Dooke alalaku E taalam vestaaru -aahahaahaha--
kammani kalala paata E raagam antaaru --oohuhuuhuhu--
alalaku andunaa aasinchina aakaasam
kalalaa karagadamaa jeevitaana paramaardham

vaddani aapaleru -aaaa aaaa aaaa--
Vaddani aapaleru urike oohani
haddulu daataraadu aasala vaahini
aduperugani aatalaadu vasantaalu valadante
viri vanamula parimalamula viluvemundi, viluvemundee -ghallu-

Listen to it here.


చందు said...

I just love this song. Especially the words like
"nalla mabbu challanee.. challani chiru jallu"
"Layake nilayamai nee paadam saagaali"
It's like poetry with Praasaa, reflecting two opposite individuals making their case and justifying both. Only Sirivennela can write some thing like this.
Hero starts it and concludes it.
Good song sree.

Sandhya said...

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