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Oct 13, 2010


Tired, did nothing really physically just drained by emotions and thoughts, people around me, their unwanted influence on me...

IF AND ONLY IF there is a reset button to life..

IF AND ONLY IF incidents stop haunting me..

I am just not able to appreciate new beginnings with open heart... I guess when I think I am healed, I really haven't.  It is only when I am put in those situations do I realize it takes a lot more effort on my part to erase memories forever.

It is just that I don't recognize myself any longer.. the new me.. the masked me.. the defensive me.... the ruthless me.


Danette said...

Interesting... I was thinking yesterday that I wanted a reset button-- not just a vague wish but a real desire to do things over- to change some things and have a try at a different life... I am counting on time travel being realized :)

Looks like you've been keeping after things on NaWribloMo! Good for you! Hard to believe we're almost halfway there.

Aleta said...

Embrace the new you. Give you a hug. The same thing with the hurt and recovery. It's part of who you are today and who you are tomorrow is a stronger person from it.

Not Hannah said...

Wow. Powerful stuff.

Sree said...

@ Danette... half way through already.. yay!!

Sree said...

@Aleta.. I love your comments dear.. just what I need..

Sree said...

@not hannah.. It is.. thanks for dropping by.

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