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Oct 5, 2010

Tum Itnaa Jo Muskuraa Rahe Ho

A painfully slow and soft song by Jagjit Singh is yet another song which I love to listen to for the lyrical value as well the music and the voice rendering it.

Just wish someone were as understanding of the pain and give that comfort.. I do have my own inner comforting zone but it does help to have someone really close to the heart say that to you.

Movie: Arth

Tum itna jo muskuraa rahe ho -2-
Kya gham jisko cchupaa rahe ho -tum-

aankhon mein namee, hasee labon par -2-
kya haal hai kyaa..dikhaa rahe ho -2- -kya-

ban jaayenge zeher peete peete -2-
ye ashq jo peete jaa rahe ho -2-

jin zakhmonko, waqt bhar chalaa hai
tum kyun unhe chhede jaa rahe ho... -kya-

rekhaaon kaa khel hai muqaddar
rekhaaon se maat khaa raheho -kya-

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Radha said...

beautiful song sree.. i love it.. i had the cassesets of jagjeet singh and gulzars combo earlier.. all the songs in their combination definately take us to another world.. thanks for again reminding this song and my old memories

La @ FoodSlice said...

I love this song very very much and am thankful for having come across it here. especially love the lyrics

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