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Oct 24, 2010

Vamsee, Nenu Naa Raatalu

I write so much that it got to my head and I decided to check if I could write something at all.. nothing big, a short story or story-like thing.  I love to read, earlier I just used to focus on books, now I read life and people and believe me it is quite intriguing and a beautiful thing to do.

We fly high when we come to think of our abilities or at least I do, then have this dip in confidence levels for a moment when I realize that it is just not up to mark... hmmm.. one of the aspects in which I should change.

I wanted to write something like Vamsi.. This man to me was an enigma.. came to know him through his movies.  The time I got to know him was not the correct age to understand him I guess.  I mean movies like Sitara, Ladies Tailor or typically his genre of movie making is something which cannot be related to my childhood movie watching habits.  As I grew up.. there was this teasing quality to the posters of his movies like Maharshi, different posters, silhouette image of the director, just a profile picture.. what is he, who is he, young, old.. how does he look like is what I used to feel.. he generated that curiosity in me.  I used to love the songs in his movies, even now.. he has good music sense and he has also sung a couple of songs in his latest movie which I am yet to see, maybe in TV some time.

But there was always this love-hate feeling.. I mean there was this curiosity element as to what this guy will come up with next time but also I hated Krishna Bhagawan, Kondavalasa, and troupe type of cheap and vulgar comedy.  In his movies, the lady is highlighted, she is shown beautifully at the same time in some angles she is prone to some crude jokes as well which did not go down very well with me.  I did not read his famous pasalapudi kadhalu.  He intrigued me but not enough to go about searching info on him and it was the case until he started "Maa Diguva Godaavari Kadhalu" in Swathi weekly the magazine I love to read.  It was when I had time to read them and understand his style of writing.. flow comes easily to him, it is as if he is talking to you and narrating the story, the slang of local people, no big telugu words just plain usage and touching various aspects of human feelings.. initially, lust was the only feeling he seemed to hang on to all the time, everything or everybody he wrote about on in the village series had some or the other physical need angle to it.. First I hated it, why does he see only that.. then gradually I began to understand that it is how village life is all about, money, power, lust are the three basic things that rule the lives of people in it.

When I read his stories or interviews in magazines like Swathi or Navya or anything written by him, I had made an impression about him... The mental picture I had about him is he is an observer, an intense guy, a guy giving loads of philosophical advise without asking for it.. I thought he would be a dominating, strong guy with a mind of his own.

Thanks to Saradagaa Kasepu promos there were his interviews left right and center... err.. a few and got to see him in person and even caught him on Open Heart with RK.  This is yet another time when it was proved to me that being judgmental is just not right.  This man is no where my mental picture.. he is soft, he is child-like, he is lost in his own world.. "bholaatanam" antaaru kada I dont know the english word.. he seemed to be that character personified.  Very plain, very honest, very cute in fact.

So, that is about Vamsee and Me and how my understanding grew observing him and his works... so indirectly I got inspired by him to write and sat about writing.

When I sat to write a lot of things happened, I sat about writing about something about my grandmother or a woman like her and then started building on thoughts.. gradually grandmother faded and a new woman emerged, a new story or nothing related to reality, some character and I was drawn into another world with it rather than dragging the character in my world, it was a good feeling.

I have read so much in the recent past that after I wrote it I felt I was reading a story written by someone already.  I was like.. okay, I read it somewhere.. did I copy it subconsciously from somewhere.. where exactly did I read about it, how come it got replicated here.. so many people have written so much already and I have read so many stories.. did it come out of my own original thought process or did it come as a mix and match of everything.. no idea.. I have not written earlier, nor do I know of anyone who is a writer so I really really dont know..

Like I say, my thoughts are influenced by what i read, see gather and ponder.. so everything seems mixed up... anyone who writes happens to read this do let me know if it is normal!!!


HarshaBharath said...

Vamsi garu stories baguntayi....
Tana Pasalapudi Kathalu Chadivanu..
I felt so amused, okka sari ayna Godavari Districts vellali anentha ga.
Kani Director ga ee Madhya kalam lo manchi movies aithe em teeyaledu…
Recent ga “Saradaga Kasepu” choosanu.. Movie motham OK kakapoyina…
Punishment scenes daggara( Dining table scene aithe mareenu) matram….
Potta chekkalu ayyela navvaanu…

He is one of his kind.. Manchi movies teesthe bagundu…

Sree said...

@Harsha... true.. movies kooda bagane untay to an extent but konchem over the board anipistundi konni chotla..

Sunita said...

Very well said Sree.. mee writing lo oka flow untundi which I love, oka sari chadavatam start cheste ala edo meeto koorchuni matladutunattu anipistundi.. that way I feel you can be a very good story teller. Do post what you have written, chadivi aswadistanu :D

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, pasalapudi kathalu naa dhaggara bhadhram gaa dhaachukuntaa eppudu. antha ishtam aayanante

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