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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Nov 26, 2010


While the East celebrates Thanksgiving, the concept of which I absolutely like but the prep for which is so very stressful according to me because to me, festive times are the times where we are pressed to be positive whether we really feel it or not.  When in right spirits, I appreciate each and every moment of life, send up a prayer of thanks for each moment that is uneventful so why the need for a specific day.. amidst the hustle bustle of life, I guess we forget to live, forget to look back for a moment..

there was this point where I heard somewhere which remained in my mind. our life is like a car journey, it runs as long as there is fuel.. there must be breaks and stops, if it is continuously on the run, it will eventually stop never to start again.. we need to take that break for refuelling at least.. even that way, it will only increase the wear and tear.. true, very true..

We need to take it a little lighter and let ourselves go on one particular day, allocate an importance to it on that particular day and focus on it.. good enough logic for me to set some traditions.

Coming to that, what are the traditions I want to set for us collectively, me and the little one.. Hindu, Islamic or Christian, I guess something separated from religion, caste and creed.. some things with some meanings attached to them rather than cultural culture with a tinge of religion.. diwali the festival of lights.. that is it, not a Hindu festival.. Thanks giving.. a little ritual where we thank the ones in our life who have made it better not something specific to Christianity, Ramzaan a festival to share our excess with the less privileged and Langar is not about free food but about the oneness and humility.. some good in each and every belief.

So, this day we are both collectively thankful for our friends who keep us in their prayers, who have a smile when they see us, a word of encouragement along the way or just silence as we try to spread our roots and thanks the one up above for the freedom to be able to rebuild, together.. a new world, a new ray of hope!!!

Thank you mom for being there and trying to actually be THERE :).  I know it is really tough for you, being blamed for my stubborn stand, torn between what you want to me do and what I actually do.  I truly appreciate though I break down time to time but if you have noticed those are few and far between.. I am positive we will get there soon :).  Thank you kiddo for being that pillar of support..

..... AND...

Thank you Little One for whatever you are... cheerful, positive and passionate.

Nov 25, 2010

Noise pollution :)

If you happen to be passing by our household and listen to some strange noises.. err voices then dont be worried..

Pilla Puski
Pilla pichuku
bulli buchuku
Bulli Buski
teow meow
tring ding
chitti chacchin
chitti jaangri
mamma's Jalebee
Ras malai.
Chitti koona
trik piki mik
lik piki mik
dummy fellow
ling ming
tricki micki
bulli kaav
bujji meka
chikki pukka
chiyaa baby

 hehehe... nenu emi kshudra vidyalu nerchukuni mantraalu chadavatledu.. be assured!!! ivanni pandugaadini nenu piliche perlu.. inka chaala unnaay.. adda diddamgaa notikocchinattu elanti sound chesina.. papam pandugaadu vini vini.. vinta vichitra soundskannitiki parugettukuni vacchi enti antaadu.. ledante akkadinchne aaa ani oka arupu arustaadu... first thing, ilaa vaadu veedu ani pilavadam valla almost all of us forgot that she is a girl baby.. no one refers to her as she, it is always pandu gaadu, vaadu..

Sreya is her name.. but she calls herself chiya,  siya, cheya... we ask her gunnu evaru.. siya, pandu evaru siya, tillu millu evaru siya... so indugaladandu ledu ane samasye lekundaa, anni tane ayi pilavagaane palukutundi... chichkoo alias chitti koona is her official pet name (if there can be something like that).

when we play, we are usually horsing around and roughhousing each other... calling each other names.. to her I am amma, mamma, meema (mummy reverse), aaani, aaniaam, aani amma, akka... and like they say genes are at play big time and she has this habbit of reversing the names like baby is beeba, mommy is meema, naagu is gugaa... she picks a name for the person and it sticks for a while until she finds a new one.... hehehehehehehaaaa (the evil devil grin) after she has taken after me in one way.. even if it is a little weird... mamma beti khush khush khush..

Nov 24, 2010

Dil Ka Bhawar Kare Pukaar...

Happened to watch Saptagiri channel today while channel surfing.. i guess there was some national program telecasting and there were these wonderful gems of songs..

Dilka Bhanwar..

Koi Jab Tumhaara Hruday Tod de

Dil Cheez Kya Hai

Dil Ka Haal Sune Dilwaala

The wonderful songs that took me to another era altogether.. the days of Chitrahaar, the beautiful Wednesday evenings we used to wait to listen to the Hindi songs.. 6 or 7 of them.. and savor those precious moments.

The kid did not like the top 3 songs or let me put it this way.. she did not get up from playing with her dough toys.. but stood up dancing and jumping for the last one... yay!! dappu dance rules in our house, no matter what language, what visuals.. nothing matters.. just the dappu :)).

Life seems to be returning to limping back to normalcy...errrr... what is new.. I always limp.. Believe me limping and walking is way way better than bedrest elevating the leg... can just do anything to never get to that stage.  Imagine, me and Ramdev Baba yoga.. no way I would have done it had it not been for the bed-rest scare.  Like I say, I am one of those kick-start people and definitely not the self-start types.  Hoping that I would continue doing the routine.. if only for a little time but it does hell a lot of good to me.. breathing in early morning fresh village air.. crisp and clean... with sacred chants from temple in the background, pranayam and simple yoga followed by just listening to the chirping birds and a tiny little kid trying to imitate what I do as soon as she wakes up :).

Spoke to a dear friend after long and felt good, though it was really short because of my cough.. the good news is now I speak really very less and actually like it.. thanks to the cough and wheezing, my talking has gone down.. good for the kid ;).

Went to library, checked out all the magazines there, did a lot of catching up with the golden oldies there.. it was a little painful but minus the rains and the dirt and mud slowly drying up and a lot of pious events going on due to the Kartheeka maasam it was good, air was festive, mood was happy, weather was pleasant.. what best way to go for an outing.

Nov 19, 2010

Heavy Issues..

The single most powerful thing you can do to make
parenthood (all of life, actually) into a joyful
journey is to decide that *feeling good* is your
top priority.  It's more important than being right, paying the
bills, saving the world, and even being a good

So very true...  I so love this mailing group!!!  I love the way the kid welcomes me home each time I go out.... SHE MAKES ME FEEL WANTED...!!!

Today is supposed to be the RC 2 release, has anyone checked it out.. I have not realized but today also is the day when there was that bomb blast near Ramanaidu Studio for Sree Ramulayya Shooting.. my first encounter with the worst form of humanity.. I still remember the victims covered in blood and requesting for water while the press was busy shooting the events and not attending to the minimum requirements. Something etched in my memory for I guess as long as I live.

Been to the doctor and the great news for now is I am out of the bedrest aspect and the bad news is that it is not a single bone that is fractured, a hairline fracture involving multiple bones which are better left alone to heal on their own than plaster cast and yay!! no bed rest because I have this real bad tendency to put on weight.. the immediate goal is to shed those extra kilos.. not one.. not two...

Phew... around 16 kilos and this is the first time I have seen myself in the obese category.. from being an underweight to an obese female.. it was quite a journey, all in a span of a couple of years.. underweight to healthy weight to obesity... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :((((((.... dolli dolli porli porli edustunna... edolendi aa maatram buildup ivvaali kadaa ... aa maatram activity unnaa kooda ilaa parvatam laaga ollu peragademo :(((... eppatiki taggeno, elaa taggeno... waaaaaa :((((((...

Doctor says... "there are tablets these days such that even if you eat oily stuff, oil wont get absorbed into the body, shall I prescribe them???"

Me -- "?????????"  (mandulesukuni esukuni vacchina vantiki malli mandulato controlaa... naheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.. (imagine hema style) :((((...

Doctor - You cant carry around so much of weight on that leg of yours, you need to have a surgery on top of it.

Me - What do I do..

Doctor - Shed it..

Me - but how?

Doctor - Dont walk, you cant exert your leg... you can do yoga where the leg is not exerted.. and yeah of course you can swim.

Me -- Okay, will try... (yeah.. great I can swim.. only if there is any water remaining in the pool after I take a plunge in it (((()

Doctor - No try, wye business.. You Lose means YOU LOSE..

Me - Okay..

So I roll all my 70 kilos (aaaaaawwwwwwwwwww) with great difficulty on single leg and come out and have a pastry and puff with a Thumsup because I am depressed you see and need to really think about ways to reduce my weight!!!!!

One great news is that I can donate blood this year as planned... yay!!!!!!!! 

Nov 15, 2010

Tup.. Tapaak..

That was probably the sound made by my bone when it got fractured a week ago :(((...

Stepped on a frog and got an ankle fracture while trying to break the fall.. the fall was not nasty but the fracture is.. 4 weeks of bedrest :(((((((... I am dreading to even think of my wt. after I remove the cast... :((((((

Radha, the reason for no posts is wedding in the family, an ankle fracture and...................... ippudu kalla kalakalu (conjunctivitis).... moolige nakka meeda taatikaaya padatam ante ide ide ide...

nenu khanda khandaalugaa khandistunnaa...

Nov 8, 2010

Daily Groove

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle
      The PATH Program helps you rewrite
      YOUR parenting story!  Join today...

:: The Power of Story (Part 1) ::

Children love stories for their power to evoke
creation:  Stories told with conviction inspire
imaginary worlds that feel real and shape one's
sense of truth.

Anytime you talk *about* anything, you are in essence
telling a story that "in-forms" your world...

 * You tell a story when someone asks you,
    "How've you been?"

 * You tell a story whenever you chat with
    your friends about how difficult or easy
    it is to parent your child.

 * You tell yourself stories when you recall
    good or bad memories, worry about tomorrow,
    anticipate fun, etc.

Whatever story or theme you repeat most often becomes
the story of your life. That means you can change your
life by changing your story!

Today, pay attention to what you say -- to your child,
yourself, and others -- and ask yourself, "If this
were a story, what kind of story would it be?
How do I feel when I tell this story?"

This is a mail group that I have registered myself in through enjoyparenting.. I really love those short sweet mails that I receive in my mail box once in a while...

Chandu, Keerthi, Radha.. you might want to get them.. check out!!!

Nov 6, 2010


I really love this place and the parents who go for this organization to light up their lives.  It is tedious, time consuming but it very safe both for parents and the kids involved, everything checked and cross verified.

I had a good friend of mine, who did bring in the light of their lives, Michlu, home through SuDatta.

When I was exploring various possibilities of adoption due to some forced circumstances, she had given me a link to this organization and forwarded some really great stuff about parenting. I am really amazed and awestruck at all this.

I say and want to do a lot of things but it pricks my conscience really bad when I see people implementing it without much ado about it.  They dont really claim like me (even to myself), they do it.

I love Sushmita for what she has done and there is this severe longing to do this favor to myself one fine day, the blessing of yet another child who me and the LO would together bring with us and nurture with a whole lot of care and love.

For those who are interested in any such possibilities, this is where you go.

Nov 3, 2010


Awesome video.. we know it well that we are not the only ones but we do need that jolt to accept it and get to terms with it.

Nov 1, 2010

Vote For Narayanan Krishnan

  Got this mail from Sandhya today...

I have not really taken note of this one circulating around which is my bad.. thanks Sandhya for the reminder.  I am really impressed with his contribution and giving back to the society.  In this time and age when one is forced to see nothing beyond oneself, it is really refreshing to see some one like this.

Please do vote for him and help him help the needy and let us be the ones to make that difference if have not done already so.

In Sandhya's Words

Sree, unrelated to this post. I was not sure how to email you.
Please see the link below:

You can see one photo of Narayanan Krishnan. Please read about him here:

Can you please post this on your blog so that more and more people vote for Mr Krishnan? If we wins the CNN award, he will get lot of money that will be used to feed the homeless. I felt we should contribute in our own way, by asking more people to vote. The voting is open until Nov 18th.

For Evil Eyes on LO