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Nov 24, 2010

Dil Ka Bhawar Kare Pukaar...

Happened to watch Saptagiri channel today while channel surfing.. i guess there was some national program telecasting and there were these wonderful gems of songs..

Dilka Bhanwar..

Koi Jab Tumhaara Hruday Tod de

Dil Cheez Kya Hai

Dil Ka Haal Sune Dilwaala

The wonderful songs that took me to another era altogether.. the days of Chitrahaar, the beautiful Wednesday evenings we used to wait to listen to the Hindi songs.. 6 or 7 of them.. and savor those precious moments.

The kid did not like the top 3 songs or let me put it this way.. she did not get up from playing with her dough toys.. but stood up dancing and jumping for the last one... yay!! dappu dance rules in our house, no matter what language, what visuals.. nothing matters.. just the dappu :)).

Life seems to be returning to limping back to normalcy...errrr... what is new.. I always limp.. Believe me limping and walking is way way better than bedrest elevating the leg... can just do anything to never get to that stage.  Imagine, me and Ramdev Baba yoga.. no way I would have done it had it not been for the bed-rest scare.  Like I say, I am one of those kick-start people and definitely not the self-start types.  Hoping that I would continue doing the routine.. if only for a little time but it does hell a lot of good to me.. breathing in early morning fresh village air.. crisp and clean... with sacred chants from temple in the background, pranayam and simple yoga followed by just listening to the chirping birds and a tiny little kid trying to imitate what I do as soon as she wakes up :).

Spoke to a dear friend after long and felt good, though it was really short because of my cough.. the good news is now I speak really very less and actually like it.. thanks to the cough and wheezing, my talking has gone down.. good for the kid ;).

Went to library, checked out all the magazines there, did a lot of catching up with the golden oldies there.. it was a little painful but minus the rains and the dirt and mud slowly drying up and a lot of pious events going on due to the Kartheeka maasam it was good, air was festive, mood was happy, weather was pleasant.. what best way to go for an outing.

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Merry Go Round :)

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