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Nov 19, 2010

Heavy Issues..

The single most powerful thing you can do to make
parenthood (all of life, actually) into a joyful
journey is to decide that *feeling good* is your
top priority.  It's more important than being right, paying the
bills, saving the world, and even being a good

So very true...  I so love this mailing group!!!  I love the way the kid welcomes me home each time I go out.... SHE MAKES ME FEEL WANTED...!!!

Today is supposed to be the RC 2 release, has anyone checked it out.. I have not realized but today also is the day when there was that bomb blast near Ramanaidu Studio for Sree Ramulayya Shooting.. my first encounter with the worst form of humanity.. I still remember the victims covered in blood and requesting for water while the press was busy shooting the events and not attending to the minimum requirements. Something etched in my memory for I guess as long as I live.

Been to the doctor and the great news for now is I am out of the bedrest aspect and the bad news is that it is not a single bone that is fractured, a hairline fracture involving multiple bones which are better left alone to heal on their own than plaster cast and yay!! no bed rest because I have this real bad tendency to put on weight.. the immediate goal is to shed those extra kilos.. not one.. not two...

Phew... around 16 kilos and this is the first time I have seen myself in the obese category.. from being an underweight to an obese female.. it was quite a journey, all in a span of a couple of years.. underweight to healthy weight to obesity... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :((((((.... dolli dolli porli porli edustunna... edolendi aa maatram buildup ivvaali kadaa ... aa maatram activity unnaa kooda ilaa parvatam laaga ollu peragademo :(((... eppatiki taggeno, elaa taggeno... waaaaaa :((((((...

Doctor says... "there are tablets these days such that even if you eat oily stuff, oil wont get absorbed into the body, shall I prescribe them???"

Me -- "?????????"  (mandulesukuni esukuni vacchina vantiki malli mandulato controlaa... naheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.. (imagine hema style) :((((...

Doctor - You cant carry around so much of weight on that leg of yours, you need to have a surgery on top of it.

Me - What do I do..

Doctor - Shed it..

Me - but how?

Doctor - Dont walk, you cant exert your leg... you can do yoga where the leg is not exerted.. and yeah of course you can swim.

Me -- Okay, will try... (yeah.. great I can swim.. only if there is any water remaining in the pool after I take a plunge in it (((()

Doctor - No try, wye business.. You Lose means YOU LOSE..

Me - Okay..

So I roll all my 70 kilos (aaaaaawwwwwwwwwww) with great difficulty on single leg and come out and have a pastry and puff with a Thumsup because I am depressed you see and need to really think about ways to reduce my weight!!!!!

One great news is that I can donate blood this year as planned... yay!!!!!!!! 


Sahasra said...

Don't worry Sree, I have been overweight for the past 10 yrs...I am not here to give u an advice but to WELCOME to our Kingdom!!!

Usha said...

I am here to give you company... there was a time when I was a bakka rikki.. Went for my physical couple of days ago and I am almost over weight now.. :( and the doctor indirectly told me to shred some weight!

Sirisha said...

ippudu alane untundi...tarvata alavatu ayuipotundi.. welcome to the world of obessity :D

Sree said...

@sahasra and Sirisha.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... no offense meant but am really scared considering I cant walk if I gain a little more :(((

Sree said...

@Usha... we seriously need to do something...

Radha said...

dont worry sree garu... ippudu urgent ga kaalu baagundaka poina exercise gatralu chesi baruvu thaaggakkarledu..
poorthiga nayam ayyaka nemmadiga diet control serious exercise schedule tho thaggachu...
ippudu modaledithe unna daaniki inkonchem ekkuva avuthundi.. dont take risk...
obesity lo nunchi overweight lo ki vacha ippudippude nenu kooda.. pillalu pedda avuthunna koddi vaalla venakaala parigethi automatic ga thaggutharrule..
as of now take rest and dont get panic

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