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Nov 6, 2010


I really love this place and the parents who go for this organization to light up their lives.  It is tedious, time consuming but it very safe both for parents and the kids involved, everything checked and cross verified.

I had a good friend of mine, who did bring in the light of their lives, Michlu, home through SuDatta.

When I was exploring various possibilities of adoption due to some forced circumstances, she had given me a link to this organization and forwarded some really great stuff about parenting. I am really amazed and awestruck at all this.

I say and want to do a lot of things but it pricks my conscience really bad when I see people implementing it without much ado about it.  They dont really claim like me (even to myself), they do it.

I love Sushmita for what she has done and there is this severe longing to do this favor to myself one fine day, the blessing of yet another child who me and the LO would together bring with us and nurture with a whole lot of care and love.

For those who are interested in any such possibilities, this is where you go.

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