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Nov 26, 2010


While the East celebrates Thanksgiving, the concept of which I absolutely like but the prep for which is so very stressful according to me because to me, festive times are the times where we are pressed to be positive whether we really feel it or not.  When in right spirits, I appreciate each and every moment of life, send up a prayer of thanks for each moment that is uneventful so why the need for a specific day.. amidst the hustle bustle of life, I guess we forget to live, forget to look back for a moment..

there was this point where I heard somewhere which remained in my mind. our life is like a car journey, it runs as long as there is fuel.. there must be breaks and stops, if it is continuously on the run, it will eventually stop never to start again.. we need to take that break for refuelling at least.. even that way, it will only increase the wear and tear.. true, very true..

We need to take it a little lighter and let ourselves go on one particular day, allocate an importance to it on that particular day and focus on it.. good enough logic for me to set some traditions.

Coming to that, what are the traditions I want to set for us collectively, me and the little one.. Hindu, Islamic or Christian, I guess something separated from religion, caste and creed.. some things with some meanings attached to them rather than cultural culture with a tinge of religion.. diwali the festival of lights.. that is it, not a Hindu festival.. Thanks giving.. a little ritual where we thank the ones in our life who have made it better not something specific to Christianity, Ramzaan a festival to share our excess with the less privileged and Langar is not about free food but about the oneness and humility.. some good in each and every belief.

So, this day we are both collectively thankful for our friends who keep us in their prayers, who have a smile when they see us, a word of encouragement along the way or just silence as we try to spread our roots and thanks the one up above for the freedom to be able to rebuild, together.. a new world, a new ray of hope!!!

Thank you mom for being there and trying to actually be THERE :).  I know it is really tough for you, being blamed for my stubborn stand, torn between what you want to me do and what I actually do.  I truly appreciate though I break down time to time but if you have noticed those are few and far between.. I am positive we will get there soon :).  Thank you kiddo for being that pillar of support..

..... AND...

Thank you Little One for whatever you are... cheerful, positive and passionate.


Satish Bolla said...

good one akka. i never understand why we celebrate festivals

Kalpana said...

Naaku ee post chaalaa chaala nachchindi... :)

Radha said...

enti madam antha kusalamena....
kaalu ela undi...
malli emi kaaledu kada..
intha gap vachindi kada anduke aduguthunna...

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