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Nov 1, 2010

Vote For Narayanan Krishnan

  Got this mail from Sandhya today...

I have not really taken note of this one circulating around which is my bad.. thanks Sandhya for the reminder.  I am really impressed with his contribution and giving back to the society.  In this time and age when one is forced to see nothing beyond oneself, it is really refreshing to see some one like this.

Please do vote for him and help him help the needy and let us be the ones to make that difference if have not done already so.

In Sandhya's Words

Sree, unrelated to this post. I was not sure how to email you.
Please see the link below:

You can see one photo of Narayanan Krishnan. Please read about him here:

Can you please post this on your blog so that more and more people vote for Mr Krishnan? If we wins the CNN award, he will get lot of money that will be used to feed the homeless. I felt we should contribute in our own way, by asking more people to vote. The voting is open until Nov 18th.


sravanthi said...

voting done..ilanti vallu chala aruduga the way do u remember me..appudeppudo mimmalni maa papa gurinchi visigincha...anyhow appudu meeru mee blog address icharu kani chudatam kudaraledu...anni kadu kani konni posts chadivanu... mee way of expression chala bagundhi

Rajesh T said...

I voted for Narayanan Krishnan. We should not be worried about the result at all. Because all the participants are heroes, There are NO villains in the list.

See another participant Anuradha Koirala. I am shocked after reading about her. I have voted for her too.

Swathi said...

YAY I casted my vote and made some people around me to vote as well.May the BEST PERSON WIN..

Sandhya said...

Thanks, Sree. I hope more and more people vote for him.


Rajesh T said...

My previous comment is missing :(. So re-commenting ...

I also voted for Narayan Krishna.

Radha said...

nenu kooda vote vesa ivvale... and maa friends andariki email chesthunna..

Swathi said...

I agree with Rajesh All are THE BEST GODLY PERSONS, I have voted all top 10 people many times!!!

Swathi said...

The link below talks about all the top 10 people and their renowned service that brought up to here!!!

ప్రణవ్ said...

done done!!!
thanks for sharing! :)

Sireesha said...

Oops! I just missed it. Voting is closed!!! Ayyo, ayyayyo!

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