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Dec 29, 2010

Repalliya Yeda Jhallana..

Movie: Saptapadi Here.
Singer:  P. Suseela

Repalliya eda jhalluna pongina ravalee
navarasa muralee.. aa nandana muralee idena..
idenaa aaa muralee.. mohana muralee -repalliya-

kaalindi maduguna kaaleeyuni padagala
aabaala gopaala maa baala gapaaluni

accheruvuna, aa cheruvuna vicchina kannula jooda
taandavamaadina sarali, gundela mrogina murali.. idenaa aa murali.

anagala raagamai toluta veenulalarinchi
analeni raagamai maralaa vinipinchi marule kuripinchi

jeevana raagamai... brudaavana geetamai -2-

kannela kannula kaluvala vennela dochina murali idena.. idenaa aa murali..
venuugaanaloluni muripinchina ravali natanala saralee aa nandanamuralee.. idenaa aa murali

madhuraanagarilo yamunaa laharilo-2-
aa raadha aaraadhanaa geeti palikinchi

sangeeta naatyaala sangama sukha venuvai ..aa..

raasaleelake oopiriposina andela ravali idenaa.
idenaa aa muralee... -repalliya-

Movie:  Seethakoka Chilaka
Singer:  Vani Jayaram.. Here.

saagara sangamame pranava... saagara sangamame, pranava sagarasangamame

janaki kannula jaladhi tharangam.. aaaa.. aa.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

janaki kannula jaladhi tharangam
raamuni madilo viraha samudram
chetulu kalipina setubandhanam
aasetu himachala pranaya keerthanam.. saagara sangamame

One word awesome!!!!

Another gem from the same movie,

sa sa sa ni ni ni... pa pa pa ma ma ma.. ga ga ga sa sa sa ni ni saa
alalu.. kalalu.. yegasi.. yegasi.. alasi solasi poye
sa ga paa pa pa paa ma ma paa pa pa paa
pagalu reyi orisi merise, sandhyaa raagamlo
pa ni pa ni pa sa ni pa maa gaa
praanam praanam kalisi virise jeevana raagamlo... -tananananana-

alalu kalalu yegasi yegasi alasi solasi poye
pagalu reyi orisi merise, sandhyaa raagamlo
praanam praanam kalisi virise jeevana raagamlo -alalu-... !!takatom, takatom, takatom takatakatakatom!!

nee chirunavvula sirimuvvala savvadi vinte
aa sandadi vini dendamu kitikeelu terachukunte
nee pulupu ane kulukulake kaliki vennela chilikenee jadalo gulaabikani mallelerrabadi alige
nuvvu pattucheera kadite o puttadi bomma
aa kattubadiki tarinchenu pattu purugu janma... naa puttadi bomma.. -alalu-

Thanks for reminding me the song siri.. just go to a trance whenever I hear these songs.. simple sweet music flowing and everything else just vanishing into thin air.. awesome feeling..

There is something about people who have this quality to the voice like they caught cold.. i dont know what it is technically called or whatsoever.. Vani Jayaram, Jesudas.. I just love them both.. any time any day... any song.. especially soft melodies..

Dec 24, 2010

My Political Take..

It has been a long time since I did an out and out political post, partly because I am too engrossed in day-to-day life and absorbing my moments with the kid with a lot of hunger and indulging in unlimited love from her (touchwood) and most because I am totally worked up about the status quo. Everything has gone for a toss after YS's sudden demise, he ran the state with an iron fist, no one dared to do anything, by fear or power whatever he made the running smooth at least superficially, now to me in layman terminology the state looks like a platter of leftovers left for a group of stray dogs to fight over. Well, that is how I feel very honestly.

Media, my love-hate relationship with it is well know, now is more towards hate because of the bias, you have power, money go for a paper which works like your voice and your views for public and one can easily figure out who belongs to what party just based on the paper they get and the channels they watch.. sick, the meaning of media changing!!

Any change with JP being in the assembly.. yes, he makes his voice heard, he comes with solutions and for a change good to see the new CM jotting down some points when he speaks, would be great if we can see them in implementation but I personally want more from a leader that cadre not just media coverage for a few seconds or minutes asking for his opinion on each and every aspect and focusing on none. I am beginning to find him trying to be "politically correct" most of the times than making the political situations correct.

One major wish for this Christmas for me is for the government to stop paying airfare/travel fare to these MLAs and MPs.. to me it seems like half of AP leadership is in Delhi at any given time, sick, sick sick.

CBN desperately trying to get a new lease of life in politics and come to the forefront actually succeeded and got a new lease of life with Kiran's indifferent attitude just like YS's death and the political instability gave life to KCR's ambitions whatever they are.  I do not support CBN's ideology, I dont support the  strike the reasons underneath but I cannot, at the same time, not trust his actually doing the fast and would hate to lose a hardworking CM I had personally seen.

It is sick to see so many changes, so much of instability, so much of internal conflicts, so much of dirty linen washed in public.. all just so as to say in limelight.. Honestly, I did not know who the new CM is until he became a speaker, never been in news but good to see some young educated blood in these turbulent times.. he hardly got a chance to show what he has got in him for the state that he is in a soup some times from his own party and sometimes from outside.. sycophancy at its heights is what I am witnessing in this time and age of AP politics.

Coming to Jagan, he has no life in politics whatsoever once he floats a party.. Odaarpu yatra is such a farce, almost everyone of us knows that the number of deaths during the time period of YS's death had nothing to do with his death.. with all due respect to the deceased, it was all a frame up, desperation speaking, cheap tricks played by buying the relatives of the dead people for whatever else the reason was.. everyone knows but no one comes out in open and it takes some national dailies to figure out and come in open while our local media just kept on giving statistics of deaths while still being labeled as pro-congress or anti-congress.. and this yaatra to pacify those who died at that time is based on the greatest political lie, there for all to see but tough to accept and come out in open.. why is every one keeping mum on it, why is it that no channel dares to break it out, why does no opposition leader or even a single person in power dare to come out about it in public.. I really dont understand.. it only shows the sorry state of affairs in the state. Why does no one have guts to spill the beans, why do they still glorify the Odaarpu yaatra????

He has no right to comment on CBN's fast or whatsoever with his 2-day fast high drama and what purpose has it served, my simple mind really does not understand such complicate intricacies of life.. other than a plain feeling that he is just testing waters before he takes a final plunge, just checking out how it is going to be and what support he can get and from what corners, politicizing everything. Drama and more drama and add to it jokers like Roja, Jeevitha-Rajashekar, Lakshmi Parvathi making fun of themselves if nothing.. how can people be so blind.. I predict a future just like or worse than PRP for the new party YS-Congress or whatever it is going to be.

and in one way, how can Congress deny the right of Jagan as a successor to the throne when exactly that is what is happening at the national level, by inheritance he has as much right as Rahul or Sonia have for power, why deny him something that they themselves have set a path of.. and why the hell do they bother to stop that guy when he is doing some drama called Odaarpu and give him unnecessary credibility. It is absolutely hilarious when a politician blames the other of corruption, I remember that saying "sou choohe khaake billi haj ko chali".. phew!!!

I seriously think I should stop thinking about anything.. otherwise I will lose the resolve not to get angry at least until this year ends and end up cursing everyone real bad..

My political take does not really take off anywhere for now.. sigh.. just an observation rather.

Dec 22, 2010

Laali paadutunnadi ee gaali..

One song that actually put me to sleep and a blissful one at that is the one from Jhummandi Naadam.. Thanks Lakshmi and Keeravani for such a wonderful lullaby in the recent times.

Most of the songs I listen to so that I can sing my daughter to sleep, this one is for me it takes me to another world, dont really want to sing it but listen to someone sing it.. awesome rendition by Balu and Geeta Madhuri, just fell in love with it the first time I listened to it... just cant come out of the trance for a long time...

Laali paadutunnadi ee gaali
Aa laali raagalalo nuvvuoyala oogaali.

Laali paadutunnadi ee gali -2- (sweetest hum)

Yelo, Yaalo..yelo yaala… hailessa
Aila pattu ..hailessa
Ballaa kattu.. hailessa
Addira babu--hailessa
Akkada pattu-- hailessa

cheera katti...
sinnaadocchi-- hailessa
Kannu kotte --hailessa

Tannana tannanana
tannananna -- hailessa

Gaali kosala laali aa poola teeveku
Veli kosala laali ee bosi navvuku
Budi budi nadakalaku gomaata laali
Muddu muddu palukulaku chilakamma laali
Unga ungaa sangeetaalaku koyilamma laali --kuooo, kuoo..
Chengu chengu gantulaki chandamamalo daagi unna kundelamma laali…

Naa laali neeku poola pallakee
Alasina kallaki…
Solasina kaallaki

Ememi puvvoppune gowramma

Ememi kaayoppune gowramma

Gummaadi puvvoppune gowramma

gummaadi kaayoppune gowramma -2-

gummadi chetu meeda aata chilakallara

paata chilakallaara.. kaliki chilakallara
kandumma gaddalu.. kalavaari ??(cant make out most of it from here any help appreciated).
mutyaala godugulu -- muripaala nurugulu
rangu rudraakshalu ----??
peru rudraakshalu --?? --ememi--

venna mudda laali chinnari meniki

goru mudda laali bangaaru bommaki

onamaalu palikite palakamma laali

baala siksha chadivite palukulamma laali

dinadinamu edugutunte dinakaruni laali

padugurocchi ninu mecchite kannulaara choose talliki.. kadupu teepi laali

naa laali neeku poolapallaki.. alasina kallaki, solasina kaallaki..



Dec 13, 2010

Swinging Tales

The kid is used to cradle since the time she was born.. she was put in one the moment she was born in the hospital.. then we had an official ceremony in temple on 21st day and from then onwards it is an unbroken bond with the cradle/swing.. she loves swinging in it and goes to sleep only in it.. there have been quite a few of the swings starting from the hospital cradle, then the mobile zipped up cradle placed next to the bed for the fear of crushing her tiny body in my sleep since I was managing the kid all alone 24/7 with aide's help during daytime but could not really sleep well, 2-hour feeding schedules, etc., which helped till she was 3 months old when started tossing around which scared me to death though the cradle could very well handle any such things.  Then came the ancestral traditional wooden swings that had been in the house for 4 generations which lasted until she was 8 months old when she again scared me by sitting up and looking down from the bed.. she refused to sleep with out being swung to sleep which was such a tough task.. night time okay, even daytime sleep onset should be in the swing... sighh...

Then came the plastic Fisherprice infant to toddler swing.. which did well until she turned a year and a half when she became tall for the back support, then came the jute baby jhoola which still serves the purpose and maybe would have for a lot more longer time too but since it is placed outside in the porch and the chill and wind factor, we have to bid adieu to that as well :(((.. now i have transitioned her to a baby cane rocking chair.. for now I rock her to sleep but hopefully she will soon learn to rock herself.

The point of the post is that I have broken her trust several times.. i try to explain her a lot of times that okay let us just take one time off the swing and go to bed reading stories or singing songs.. but she just refuses and points and even cries pointing to that particular swing in question. some times I answer her patiently and indulge in her whims and fancies but ultimately she wants to sleep in the swing even if it is 11 p.m. when the sleep hour is actually 7 to 8 p.m. and some times I just lose my cool and give myself timeouts handing the kid to the mother to put her to sleep in the swing unable to control the anger and not able to show on her either.. so each time there is a change for my convenience it is a story that "pilli ettukellipoyindi"  The cat has taken it away.. earlier it just did not matter because she could not actually correlate it but now it hurts when she innocently walks around the porch at night looking for the swing making sounds amma pilli aaayi poyi :(((.. ayyoooo.. it hurts to be not able to give what she wants at the same time it hurts even more to look at her turning adamant.

I know she is not even 2, she does not really know anything but I do not want that adamant streak in her when it comes to the swing addiction.. swing or cry, cry, cry and cry and no sleep.. tantrums..

However, some times I do curse myself for not choosing the easy way out, reading story books and sleeping.. sleeping in the swing or chair needs me to sit upright and some times an hour to two of swing or rocking takes its toll on my hands...

I dont really know if it is right or wrong.. she has forgotten it a while ago.. it has been a week since I got the rocking chair and now our sleep routine is in the chair with her requesting songs and me singing, she is very happy, cozy and warm indoors.  She has a choice and preference even to the lines and the language of each song... amma laali laali (laali laali antu raagam), amma jo jo (jolajolamma jola), amma jaamu (jaamu raatiri), amma laali (laali paadutunnadi), amma poddu (poddu vaalipoye), amma kabhi (kabhi kabhi).. sigh!!! but it is a good one on one time for us, us alone.. she becomes cranky if the routine is upset.  I love the feeling that she wants me and ME ALONE at the time of sleep but then I dont want her to be dependent on me alone to do that.. whatif I am not there tomorrow?? and what about the detached parenting that I want to do :((..

She has gotten over the jute swing and got used to it.. no pain whatsoever but it hurts me even more when she innocently and happily jumps into the rocker and says amma laaali with a naughty impish grin.....  How I wish I could adopt the same way of looking at life and just quit looking back in life once I am done with

Dec 6, 2010

Raining and ing and ing and ing..

It is raining like hell... and add to it the chill factor.. deadly combo.. it has been 6 full months of rain this year.... I just dont feel like peeping out of the blanket but how long can one actually lie down.. the body aches like hell sleeping curved in one position.. with an active kid running around with a runny nose, coughing and vomiting all that she eats, the bone pain... waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh... high time the rains stop... the crops are ready to harvest and this is really really heartbreaking :(((((((((((((((((((((... god save the poor farmer!!!

I know I am rambling cluelessly and I know am slightly disoriented too... 

Dec 4, 2010

Treasuring Memories

There was a discussion the other day with a few of my friends as to how many words should a kid of 1.5 yrs. be speaking or maybe around 2 years what is the vocabulary developed.. Well, it is varied, like all milestones talking and talking in sentences is a big milestone too.  Some start early, some very late.. but they talk all the same when they do :).. just give them some time and a lot of one to one time to get them to open and speak up rather than panic and run around doctors is my simple advise!!

Coming to the kid, she spoke her first word or I assumed it is at 3 months.. when she started saying ammaa, ammaa... or maybe she was just cooing and that sounded like amma.. but believe me she did,so "amma" is her official first word.. gloated am I and it really does show on me till now :(((..  She has a very very thin tongue and people said that she would speak really early.. "aaku laanti naalika" this is the first thing they say when they see her tongue, which is used to bring out all the time when she was an infant.

For about a fortnight she did that and then actually stopped saying anything and just made some noises and coo sounds, nothing else.. at 6th month, we started focussing on teaching her 2 letter words and when she started, she did like "abba, debba, jabba" she used to parrot it all day long until she perfected it and made sure that everyone in the hearing vicinity knew that she actually said something :).. atta, taata.. it was..

Then it was myaw.. (yes, the cat sound).. gradually, amma, akka, taata, atta, anna.. and a lot of noises..

Now she has quite a big collection down the line.. they say 25 to 30 words is the actual milestone, so touchwood she has met it..

So, some Sreyaisms for you.

She calls me amma once softly, then a little louder and then comes a sound ......aaaniiiii... aaanniammaa

tuvvayi (cow, buffalo, calf)... moooo, bujji meka -meee, meee, Kodi/koli - kukkuroo, konga -- hhuuush
pilli - meoow,kukka - boowwwow, bujji kukka - bowooooo, chika (parrot) - rama rama
kaaka - crow, tonna (tonda), utta (squirrell) puggu (insect), doma (mosquito), eega (housefly), buttafly (butterfly), kappa (frog), tooni (dragon fly)
chanmaama (moon), Suri taata (sun), aana (rain), enda (hot), chaalla (cold), gaali (air)
aaka(aakali),neena(water),tanni(tantaa),kotti (kodata),chapaati,aam,ottaami (plain rice), bebbi (curd), guddu(egg),pappu,koora, kaamu (spicy), yummy yummy
wow!!, Baandi (it is good)
Good job, Good shot, high-five, Good Morning
Indialo putti (born in India)point and name all body parts in Telugu..

phew... I am not yet through a quarter of it.. but one thing about her is she says everything clearly.. she practices under her breath and speaks only when perfect (amazing quality).

Looks like we are past 25, so I am not bothered about anything.

She is not yet into sentences but through the words she is able to express everything clearly.. she points, makes signs, uses words and make things known.. fine for her age... maybe in fact great and I attribute it to the children she plays with all the time, they speak and she speaks with them.. i talk and she talks with me.. i sing and she sings with me... above all, she is a good mimic... 

I am not really bothered if she speaks just Telugu, in fact love it.. when she says okati, nonnu instead 1, 2.. a, aa instead of a,b.. she will learn them all in time in school for now she will know Telugu.. she knows aunt and uncle but in spite of being tongue twisting I make her use the relationship in Telugu rather than aunt or uncle... she does not really say anything big, identifies objects she sees regularly, talks and calls out people she meets, says and thinks about things she watches on TV or on the road that is it, no conscious effort to teach her anything.. she plays and she learns whatever she wants to at her own pace.  Childhood is divine and I want to let it be.. in this open environment with loads of people to spend time with her.. there are some downsides too considering I need to watch out for the language spoken in front of her but still by and large it is a win-win situation.. she speaks so much because she meets so many people and sees so many things by experience rather than by rote....

Touch-wood a kaala tika post after long.. people call her smart.. I call her lucky to be surrounded by people who take pains to teach her and feel happy when she says something.. God bless them all.

Dec 3, 2010

This and That

I have been posting in the telugu blog for a while... leg is super good, walking on it a little but not full-fledged yet...

got my good old computer back, so got to learn how to download mp3 songs for the kid :(((... i still dont know how to do it... never really gave it a second thought now even if I give it full thoughts I am unable to do.. hayyo hayyo...

Kid is hyper these days... they dont call it terrible 2s just like that.. a kid asleep by 7 p.m. is such a bliss I say.. :))..

AP politics... one word that comes to my mind... SECRET PLANNING.

Started exercising a bit.. a teeny tiny bit though... and a little bit of yoga and a little of stationary bike.. phew...

The worst part is I gave up curd....inta tyaagam chesinanduku ollu taggite parledu..

inchi mandaana katte perugu meeda meegadi, venna poosa nanjukuni pacchallu, kumbhaalu kumbhaalu annam, kaachina netito chesina sweetlu... okatenti dairy products anni tintoo evaro cheppina saametagaa milk baby laaga kaadu milk icche gedelaaga tayaarayya... nijjamgaa nijjam idi maatram... naa paata dress, kotta dress meeda pedite.. khacchitamgaa sagam undi... waaaaaaaahhhhh... poduvu kaadu vedalpulo annamaaata.

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