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Dec 22, 2010

Laali paadutunnadi ee gaali..

One song that actually put me to sleep and a blissful one at that is the one from Jhummandi Naadam.. Thanks Lakshmi and Keeravani for such a wonderful lullaby in the recent times.

Most of the songs I listen to so that I can sing my daughter to sleep, this one is for me it takes me to another world, dont really want to sing it but listen to someone sing it.. awesome rendition by Balu and Geeta Madhuri, just fell in love with it the first time I listened to it... just cant come out of the trance for a long time...

Laali paadutunnadi ee gaali
Aa laali raagalalo nuvvuoyala oogaali.

Laali paadutunnadi ee gali -2- (sweetest hum)

Yelo, Yaalo..yelo yaala… hailessa
Aila pattu ..hailessa
Ballaa kattu.. hailessa
Addira babu--hailessa
Akkada pattu-- hailessa

cheera katti...
sinnaadocchi-- hailessa
Kannu kotte --hailessa

Tannana tannanana
tannananna -- hailessa

Gaali kosala laali aa poola teeveku
Veli kosala laali ee bosi navvuku
Budi budi nadakalaku gomaata laali
Muddu muddu palukulaku chilakamma laali
Unga ungaa sangeetaalaku koyilamma laali --kuooo, kuoo..
Chengu chengu gantulaki chandamamalo daagi unna kundelamma laali…

Naa laali neeku poola pallakee
Alasina kallaki…
Solasina kaallaki

Ememi puvvoppune gowramma

Ememi kaayoppune gowramma

Gummaadi puvvoppune gowramma

gummaadi kaayoppune gowramma -2-

gummadi chetu meeda aata chilakallara

paata chilakallaara.. kaliki chilakallara
kandumma gaddalu.. kalavaari ??(cant make out most of it from here any help appreciated).
mutyaala godugulu -- muripaala nurugulu
rangu rudraakshalu ----??
peru rudraakshalu --?? --ememi--

venna mudda laali chinnari meniki

goru mudda laali bangaaru bommaki

onamaalu palikite palakamma laali

baala siksha chadivite palukulamma laali

dinadinamu edugutunte dinakaruni laali

padugurocchi ninu mecchite kannulaara choose talliki.. kadupu teepi laali

naa laali neeku poolapallaki.. alasina kallaki, solasina kaallaki..



1 comment:

చందు said...

Maa car lo kooda ee paata full hit. Maa SIRI malli malli antundi. Good LAALI song after a long time.
"Naa laali neeku poola pallakee
Alasina kallaki…
Solasina kaallaki".. chaala nachchindi..

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