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Dec 24, 2010

My Political Take..

It has been a long time since I did an out and out political post, partly because I am too engrossed in day-to-day life and absorbing my moments with the kid with a lot of hunger and indulging in unlimited love from her (touchwood) and most because I am totally worked up about the status quo. Everything has gone for a toss after YS's sudden demise, he ran the state with an iron fist, no one dared to do anything, by fear or power whatever he made the running smooth at least superficially, now to me in layman terminology the state looks like a platter of leftovers left for a group of stray dogs to fight over. Well, that is how I feel very honestly.

Media, my love-hate relationship with it is well know, now is more towards hate because of the bias, you have power, money go for a paper which works like your voice and your views for public and one can easily figure out who belongs to what party just based on the paper they get and the channels they watch.. sick, the meaning of media changing!!

Any change with JP being in the assembly.. yes, he makes his voice heard, he comes with solutions and for a change good to see the new CM jotting down some points when he speaks, would be great if we can see them in implementation but I personally want more from a leader that cadre not just media coverage for a few seconds or minutes asking for his opinion on each and every aspect and focusing on none. I am beginning to find him trying to be "politically correct" most of the times than making the political situations correct.

One major wish for this Christmas for me is for the government to stop paying airfare/travel fare to these MLAs and MPs.. to me it seems like half of AP leadership is in Delhi at any given time, sick, sick sick.

CBN desperately trying to get a new lease of life in politics and come to the forefront actually succeeded and got a new lease of life with Kiran's indifferent attitude just like YS's death and the political instability gave life to KCR's ambitions whatever they are.  I do not support CBN's ideology, I dont support the  strike the reasons underneath but I cannot, at the same time, not trust his actually doing the fast and would hate to lose a hardworking CM I had personally seen.

It is sick to see so many changes, so much of instability, so much of internal conflicts, so much of dirty linen washed in public.. all just so as to say in limelight.. Honestly, I did not know who the new CM is until he became a speaker, never been in news but good to see some young educated blood in these turbulent times.. he hardly got a chance to show what he has got in him for the state that he is in a soup some times from his own party and sometimes from outside.. sycophancy at its heights is what I am witnessing in this time and age of AP politics.

Coming to Jagan, he has no life in politics whatsoever once he floats a party.. Odaarpu yatra is such a farce, almost everyone of us knows that the number of deaths during the time period of YS's death had nothing to do with his death.. with all due respect to the deceased, it was all a frame up, desperation speaking, cheap tricks played by buying the relatives of the dead people for whatever else the reason was.. everyone knows but no one comes out in open and it takes some national dailies to figure out and come in open while our local media just kept on giving statistics of deaths while still being labeled as pro-congress or anti-congress.. and this yaatra to pacify those who died at that time is based on the greatest political lie, there for all to see but tough to accept and come out in open.. why is every one keeping mum on it, why is it that no channel dares to break it out, why does no opposition leader or even a single person in power dare to come out about it in public.. I really dont understand.. it only shows the sorry state of affairs in the state. Why does no one have guts to spill the beans, why do they still glorify the Odaarpu yaatra????

He has no right to comment on CBN's fast or whatsoever with his 2-day fast high drama and what purpose has it served, my simple mind really does not understand such complicate intricacies of life.. other than a plain feeling that he is just testing waters before he takes a final plunge, just checking out how it is going to be and what support he can get and from what corners, politicizing everything. Drama and more drama and add to it jokers like Roja, Jeevitha-Rajashekar, Lakshmi Parvathi making fun of themselves if nothing.. how can people be so blind.. I predict a future just like or worse than PRP for the new party YS-Congress or whatever it is going to be.

and in one way, how can Congress deny the right of Jagan as a successor to the throne when exactly that is what is happening at the national level, by inheritance he has as much right as Rahul or Sonia have for power, why deny him something that they themselves have set a path of.. and why the hell do they bother to stop that guy when he is doing some drama called Odaarpu and give him unnecessary credibility. It is absolutely hilarious when a politician blames the other of corruption, I remember that saying "sou choohe khaake billi haj ko chali".. phew!!!

I seriously think I should stop thinking about anything.. otherwise I will lose the resolve not to get angry at least until this year ends and end up cursing everyone real bad..

My political take does not really take off anywhere for now.. sigh.. just an observation rather.


Rajesh T said...

Are you supporting TDP? You have bashed all the parties except TDP.

I sincerely wish Chandra Babu should come out well with good health from the hunger strike irrespective of Govt decision on farmers' problems.

And also I feel no leader should go for indefinite hunger strike irrespective of the intensity of the problem. If nothing bad happens to the leader, it is good. But what if something bad happens to the leader? People will certainly lose a valuable leader. Thereby they will be forced to choose the other options which can make farmers' life much more miserable. For instance, can anyone of us go for hunger strike for our kids? Almost none. A good parent can never think of going for hunger strike for his/her kids. Why don't we apply the same rule to politics?

There is no strong opposition leader other than Chandra Babu. If something bad happens to Chandra Babu, it is a big blow to TDP and it may be a big win for other parties. Though personally I am not a fan of TDP, but I don't want to lose a strong leader.

And if farmers are not happy with one party, they will always have the option to vote for some other party in the next elections.

The party which is in the power now is selected by majority of the people only. So let us give them three more years to scr** our lives, after three years farmers can give that chance to some other party. So as long as there is democracy and elections in place, there is no need for such hunger strikes.

Sree said...

yeah Rajesh.. i dont really support TDP, in fact far from it.. but somehow Jaganni tittadam modalu pettaaka chiraaketti post abruptgaa stop chesaa.

Chandu said...

Completely agree with your last para. Sonia and Rahul who are at the helm only due to dynastic sycophants are now denying the same right to Jagan.

When majority of AP Cong MLA's were behind Jagan, I don't see the reason for some unconstitutional authority to take shots and install the weakest ever CM.

I don't support Jagan either. he can't claim his father's throne in succession. Its not a family business or monarchy.

CBN who was out of power allegedly because of his insensitivity towards farmers and grassroot levels now comes up with a fast unto death for farmers. Such an incredible feat. Whether his fast just like others' fasts were credible or not is always left for imagination as everything is closed doors. But he may be honest too. Only that general public doesn't know.

PRP is non-existant, its a geetha arts production facility. It has not been crucial or serious on any administrative matter of the state till now.

TRS is using the Telangana sentiment as its shield to safeguard its leaders' political employment. They raised issues to demand a separate state but never have solutions to those issues if their demand has been accepted. They are taking the state towards anarchy.

Right wing BJP is non existent and immaterial in the state except Hyderabad where it will be successfully sabotaged by congress and its secular allies like MIM.

I'm happy I didn't vote till now :) Otherwise I would have been guilty of abetting these politician's drama.

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