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Dec 6, 2010

Raining and ing and ing and ing..

It is raining like hell... and add to it the chill factor.. deadly combo.. it has been 6 full months of rain this year.... I just dont feel like peeping out of the blanket but how long can one actually lie down.. the body aches like hell sleeping curved in one position.. with an active kid running around with a runny nose, coughing and vomiting all that she eats, the bone pain... waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh... high time the rains stop... the crops are ready to harvest and this is really really heartbreaking :(((((((((((((((((((((... god save the poor farmer!!!

I know I am rambling cluelessly and I know am slightly disoriented too... 


sravanthi said...

avunu sree ee year ento farmers ki assalu labham rakudadu annatu time chusukuni paduthundhi varsham...tondaraga aagipothe bagundu

sravanthi said...

avunu sree farmers ki labham rakudadu annatu time chusukuni paduthondhi varsham..aagipothe bagundu

Radha said...

good to know that u r fine sree.. and ya its a combo of rains and cold here too.. have to take care of kids health... wearing sweater for the first time in my life.. :) and drying skin too. and yes we have to pray god to save the poor farmers who give their sweat and blood for the crops.

NuvvuNenuPrema said...

God Save the Farmers

Chandu said...

how are you feeling now ?

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