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Dec 13, 2010

Swinging Tales

The kid is used to cradle since the time she was born.. she was put in one the moment she was born in the hospital.. then we had an official ceremony in temple on 21st day and from then onwards it is an unbroken bond with the cradle/swing.. she loves swinging in it and goes to sleep only in it.. there have been quite a few of the swings starting from the hospital cradle, then the mobile zipped up cradle placed next to the bed for the fear of crushing her tiny body in my sleep since I was managing the kid all alone 24/7 with aide's help during daytime but could not really sleep well, 2-hour feeding schedules, etc., which helped till she was 3 months old when started tossing around which scared me to death though the cradle could very well handle any such things.  Then came the ancestral traditional wooden swings that had been in the house for 4 generations which lasted until she was 8 months old when she again scared me by sitting up and looking down from the bed.. she refused to sleep with out being swung to sleep which was such a tough task.. night time okay, even daytime sleep onset should be in the swing... sighh...

Then came the plastic Fisherprice infant to toddler swing.. which did well until she turned a year and a half when she became tall for the back support, then came the jute baby jhoola which still serves the purpose and maybe would have for a lot more longer time too but since it is placed outside in the porch and the chill and wind factor, we have to bid adieu to that as well :(((.. now i have transitioned her to a baby cane rocking chair.. for now I rock her to sleep but hopefully she will soon learn to rock herself.

The point of the post is that I have broken her trust several times.. i try to explain her a lot of times that okay let us just take one time off the swing and go to bed reading stories or singing songs.. but she just refuses and points and even cries pointing to that particular swing in question. some times I answer her patiently and indulge in her whims and fancies but ultimately she wants to sleep in the swing even if it is 11 p.m. when the sleep hour is actually 7 to 8 p.m. and some times I just lose my cool and give myself timeouts handing the kid to the mother to put her to sleep in the swing unable to control the anger and not able to show on her either.. so each time there is a change for my convenience it is a story that "pilli ettukellipoyindi"  The cat has taken it away.. earlier it just did not matter because she could not actually correlate it but now it hurts when she innocently walks around the porch at night looking for the swing making sounds amma pilli aaayi poyi :(((.. ayyoooo.. it hurts to be not able to give what she wants at the same time it hurts even more to look at her turning adamant.

I know she is not even 2, she does not really know anything but I do not want that adamant streak in her when it comes to the swing addiction.. swing or cry, cry, cry and cry and no sleep.. tantrums..

However, some times I do curse myself for not choosing the easy way out, reading story books and sleeping.. sleeping in the swing or chair needs me to sit upright and some times an hour to two of swing or rocking takes its toll on my hands...

I dont really know if it is right or wrong.. she has forgotten it a while ago.. it has been a week since I got the rocking chair and now our sleep routine is in the chair with her requesting songs and me singing, she is very happy, cozy and warm indoors.  She has a choice and preference even to the lines and the language of each song... amma laali laali (laali laali antu raagam), amma jo jo (jolajolamma jola), amma jaamu (jaamu raatiri), amma laali (laali paadutunnadi), amma poddu (poddu vaalipoye), amma kabhi (kabhi kabhi).. sigh!!! but it is a good one on one time for us, us alone.. she becomes cranky if the routine is upset.  I love the feeling that she wants me and ME ALONE at the time of sleep but then I dont want her to be dependent on me alone to do that.. whatif I am not there tomorrow?? and what about the detached parenting that I want to do :((..

She has gotten over the jute swing and got used to it.. no pain whatsoever but it hurts me even more when she innocently and happily jumps into the rocker and says amma laaali with a naughty impish grin.....  How I wish I could adopt the same way of looking at life and just quit looking back in life once I am done with


Radha said...

sree gaaru.. intha chinna vayasulone antha detached parenting gurinchi alochinchakandi ee vayasulo pillalaki secured parenting kavaali, manam thappa inkevaru thelusu vaallaki? oka saari school.. college any hostel lo stay ala ala detachment automatic ga vasthundi vaalla circle perige koddi.. appudu manam venakapadda vallu dorakaru " amma time ledamma neetho maatlaadataaniki" antaaru.. so as of now enjoy the feeling of being only one in the world that ur kid needs "YOU" . inko chinna salaha, maa pillalaki kooda uyyala maanpinchataaniki nenu chesina prayatnam, kaaalla meeda dindu vesukoni padukobettukoni ooooputhu nenu kooda padukoni paatalu paadatam. daani valla they can feel our touch, hear our voice manaki kooda kurchone strain undadu.. try this if u like

చందు said...

I used to sing the same songs for Siri except for the song amma jaamu (jaamu raatiri). What movie is this from? Now my daughter says no to songs and wants to read books.

Sree said...

@Chandu... kshana kshanam ninchi.. jaamu raatiri jaabilamma song :).

Sree said...

@Radha... malli inko ritual ante adi maanipinchataaniki tanakante nene ekkuva badhapadaali, so i will just stick to the rocking chair andi.. i know physical touch is so tremendously reassuring both for them as well as us.. :).. but i am scared to get used to that.

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